Bill Gates predicted a new virus and pandemic by 2025: what is SEERS

Bill Gates predicted a new virus and pandemic by 2025: what is SEERS
Bill Gates predicted a new virus and pandemic by 2025: what is SEERS

a few years ago Bill Gates was part of a working group where possible scenarios of global catastrophes were analyzed.

It was about the call event 201a coronavirus pandemic drill held in October 2019 organized by the John Hopkins University Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The trial was carried out two months before the coronavirus pandemic that causes the disease was recognized worldwide. COVID-19. Although the scenario was theoretical, many called the pay attention to the plausibility with what ended up unleashing later.

Both Event 201 and the new drill called Catastrophic Contagion: Pandemics (which took place this year and was orchestrated by the group Grand Challenges in Brussels) they had something in common. On this occasion, the event also took place in October of this year, specifically on the 23rd.

In Event 201, the scenario in which a respiratory virus from the SARS family appeared in the international sphere was worked on but whose patient 0 was a pig. Through zoonosis, it reached humans with a possibility of killing 100 million people. Now, in the new meeting, another scenario of a global pandemic is being worked on.

What is SEERS 2025, the possible next pandemic

This year’s exercise simulated a series of WHO health emergency advisory council meetings addressing another pandemic by 2025. As in Event 201, work was done on how to respond to a localized epidemic in one part of the world that then spread rapidly., becoming a pandemic with a fatality rate higher than that of COVID-19 and disproportionately affecting children and young people. According to estimates, they would die 20 million people of which 15 million would be children.

Health experts from Senegal, Rwanda, Angola, Liberia, Nigeria, India, Singapore and Germany participated in the presentation. The spokesperson for the event was Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda & Gates Foundation and known to be very interested in how to combat future pandemics. On this occasion, the virus has been called SEERS: Severe Epidemic Respiratory Syndrome by Enterovirus 2025for its acronym in English.

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