it will no longer be necessary to create a group

Although WhatsApp never ceases to amaze with its newssometimes we are the users who lead the way towards new functionalities of the apps. It seems complicated, but just as we still don’t know if the chicken or the egg came first, sometimes we are the faithful to the application those that we demand that cover our needs. Although the truth is that the shortcomings that we reveal take little time to solve.

Surely this is one of the keys to success of WhatsApp. The apps which was born as a system of instant messaging Through text messages, it has been incorporating improvements at such a rate that we no longer know how to live without it. Groups, communities, voice messages, video calls… There are so many functions that it has, that many experts already assure, that from the application of Goalhave achieved something even more difficult: Create a new way of communication.

And it is that we are millions users spread all over the planet, to which they have managed to engage in such a way that we remain faithful to other alternatives that have emerged. For this reason since WhatsAppThey know the importance of staying on that path and that part of this good work comes from actively listening to users. Well, on many occasions, the news They are nothing more than needs that have arisen with use.

Get to know the new WhatsApp function you were waiting for

The The purpose of the app is to send messages to other users. What’s more, we can send messages to an endless number of contacts through groups, communities and even through broadcast lists. The problem? that we did not have the option to write to ourselves. And it is that as absurd as it may seem, we have all needed to write to each other at some point. To leave a reminder, save a message, or to check any whatsapp featureBut the truth is that we needed it.

Write down what you need in your personal WhatsApp conversation

It is true that we had found a way to do it. We must recognize that if WhatsApp is alert to what we need, we are sometimes more alert to find the fast track to reach the goal. For this reason, until now, we used to create a group in which we sent the messages to ourselves. This was one of the countless whatsapp tricks that were shared as folk wisdom and it worked.

WhatsApp has had this novelty for a while in their Beta test app. But after verifying that it is effective and claimed by a vast majority of users, it has been launched for all devices. They have released it under the name of Message Yourself (Send yourself a message). To use it, you just have to touch the button again chat and follow the instructions according to your operating system:

  • Android: You will appear as a contact, under the options “New group”, “New contact” and “New community”.
  • IOS: Appears immediately below the frequent contacts section.

We are sure that this WhatsApp news, will make you remain faithful to the application. Well, we will leave the sad task of creating a group whose only participant is ourselves, to have our own personal chat in which to write, send and save everything we like or need, and we don’t want to share with anyone. Do you need anything else? calm down, i’m sure the thinking heads of WhatsApp are already at it.

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