The injury to Giay and the defender Zaf was confirmed to have been something serious – Mundo Azulgrana

It’s been days since Agustín Giay traveled with the Sub 20 to represent Argentina in the South American that is taking place in Colombia. Although the defender managed to have good games and be correct when it came to playing, the team did not perform in the best way and could be left out of the next round.

In their second match of the Tournament, the National Team faced Brazil and lost 3-1. But that was not all, Agustín Giay had to leave in the second half with very little left to finish the match as he twisted his left ankle. The pain he had made him leave the field of play and not be able to be with his team again.

Therefore, the alarms went off in San Lorenzo and also in the Sub 20. The player underwent the corresponding studies, which showed that he suffered a grade 1 sprain, so it was not as serious as it seemed when the action happened.

Finally, the player returned to concentration and it is expected to know how many days he will have to recover. Meanwhile, Insua knows that he will not be able to count on him for the first three games and we will have to wait if he recovers when he is back in Argentina.

By Carolina Anki

The article is in Spanish

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