The Dani Alves case: the evidence that led him to prison, the alleged contradiction and his wife’s request in networks

Pumas decided to terminate Dani Alves’ contract (Photo by Ulises Ruiz / AFP)

The arrest of Dani Alves at the Mossos d’Esquadra de Les Corts police station in Barcelona after appearing to testify for a complaint against him for alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old woman at the Sutton nightclub generated great repercussions in the world.

The situation of Dani Alves is complicated: he was imprisoned without bail after the alleged sexual assault in Barcelona

The 39-year-old Brazilian soccer player, who currently plays for the Pumas de la UNAM in Mexico, was already arrested by the Catalan police upon returning to Spain

The former Pumas de México player, a team that decided to terminate his contract after the news broke, was sent to the Brians 1 prison, which is located about 30 kilometers from Barcelona (it is a unit of preventive prisoners). The crime of sexual assault, after the entry into force of the “only yes is yes” law, has a penalty of between 1 and 12 years in prison in Spain.

Investigating judge number 15 accepted the requests for precautionary detention presented by both the prosecution and the private prosecution because she considers that there may be a risk of flight since the former Barcelona, ​​Seville, Juventus and Paris Saint Germain do not have residence in the country and has Brazilian nationality (there is no extradition agreement).

FILE PHOTO: Dani Alves was arrested by the Barcelona Police for alleged sexual assault on a woman that occurred on December 30 (AFP)

Dani Alves was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Barcelona: the Prosecutor’s Office requests prison without bail

The soccer player who plays for the UNAM Pumas was arrested at the Mossos d’Esquadra police station in Les Corts in Barcelona after going to make a statement

As reported The newspaper, one of the indications that led Dani Alves to prison was the statement made by the victim about the incident of December 30. The Unitat Central d’Agressions Sexuals (UCAS), a group of investigators from the Mossos d’Esquadra, gave credibility to the woman’s story, which assured that she was locked against her will in a bathroom in the VIP area of ​​the nightclub and was later slapped and raped.

“The victim has denounced that Alves sat on the toilet, pulled up her dress, asked her to say she was his ‘little bitch’, forced her to sit on top of him, threw her to the ground, forced her to give him fellatio. that she actively resisted, slapped her, lifted her off the ground, and penetrated her until she ejaculated. Later, she told him to wait to go out for him to do it first, ”said the Spanish portal.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 17: Dani Alves and Joana Sanz attend the Earthshot Prize 2021 at Alexandra Palace on October 17, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage)

They arrested Dani Alves: the message from Joana Sanz, his partner, amid the commotion over the complaint

The model did not hesitate to go out to publicly support the Brazilian soccer player, who is detained in Barcelona

The medical report would be another point that would play against the athlete. The woman, after denouncing the sexual assault, was treated by an ambulance alerted by the Sutton nightclub and transferred to the Hospital Clínic. The party maintains that she suffered minor injuries compatible with struggling allegedly maintained with the footballer. In addition, they collected biological samples that should be checked if they belong to Alves.

The complainant, for her part, when she went to formalize the complaint two days later, in addition to recounting what happened and providing the medical report, also handed over the dress she was wearing that night at the disco, which will be processed by the UCAS investigators.

The recordings of the security cameras of the Sutton nightclub were also reviewed. According to her account, the victim reported that Alves insisted that she follow her through a door that she says she does not know where it led to. So she got to the bathroom, where there are no cameras. The newspaper He maintains that “the recordings do not deny her version.”

Another important point in this case could be the alleged contradiction in the statement of the gold medalist with the Brazilian National Team at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. According to various Spanish media, Dani Alves denied having non-consensual sexual relations with the woman, a story that would not coincide with the evidence analyzed by the Mossos and that he would not go with the same line of what he said in the first instance in a video broadcast by antenna 3. The young woman’s statement, on the contrary, has been coherent and solid, according to judicial sources.

“I would like to deny everything, first. I was there, in that place, with more people, enjoying myself. Everyone knows that I love to dance. Enjoying, but without invading the space of others and when you choose to go to the bathroom you don’t ask who is in the bathroom to go to the bathroom. I’m very sorry, but I don’t know who that lady is, I’ve never seen her in my life. All these years I have never invaded someone’s space, except without authorization. How am I going to do it with a woman or a girl? By God, no. Enough is enough because they hurt, especially my people, mine, because they know who I am, ”the athlete declared at the beginning of the month in a video that he sent to the program and now you are. The Spanish media state that he publicly said he did not know her, but before the Justice her story would have been modified.

Joana Sanz's request after the arrest of Dani Alves
Joana Sanz’s request after the arrest of Dani Alves

The soccer player’s partner, Joana Sanz, once again used their social networks to make a desperate request in the face of this difficult moment. “I ask the media outside my home to please respect my privacy at this time. My mother has passed away a week ago, I have just begun to assume that she is no longer around to be tormented with my husband’s situation. I have lost the only two pillars of my life, have a little empathy instead of looking for so much news in other people’s pain. Thank you,” she wrote in a story from instagram.

Before her arrest, the model also uploaded an image with the hands of both intertwined and the word “Together” (together, in Spanish). It is worth noting that in recent days she also suffered the death of her mother.

The story that Joana Sanz uploaded to support her husband Dani Alves
The story that Joana Sanz uploaded to support her husband Dani Alves

Previously, Sanz gave his support to the former San Pablo. In dialogue with the Catalan program and now you are, was emphatic in his speech: “He went to dinner with his friends and disconnected a bit that he needed a lot for his head… I have seen many times how women approach the private room, daring, to try something with my husband in my face. If they do it in my presence, I don’t want to imagine when I’m not there”.

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They arrested Dani Alves: the message from Joana Sanz, his partner, amid the commotion over the complaint

The situation of Dani Alves is complicated: he was imprisoned without bail after the alleged sexual assault in Barcelona

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