Fierce fire in a tourist complex in Bariloche: four seriously injured and 900 evacuated

Impressive images of the fire at the Bariloche Center (Source: El Cordillerano and @ManuSantorito)

A fierce fire broke out this morning in the building Bariloche Center, located 50 meters from the bus terminal of that tourist city. As a result of the incident, more than 900 guests housed in the place had to be evacueeswhile another 50 were transferred to different hospitals for respiratory conditions suffered as a result of smoke inhalation. Four are seriously injured..

According to local media, the fire started around 4:25 this Sunday in the ten-story complex, located on Calle San Martín 127, where some 50 stores and almost 400 departments. Due to the magnitude of the flames, five fire crews worked at the scene. They were only able to control the fire around 7.30.

According to the portal Black river, The fire originated from an electrical fault in a store on the ground floor of the building., where there is a snow clothing and equipment rental shop. Quickly, the flames spread to the sides.

From the Undersecretary of Civil Protection of the Municipality of Bariloche They reported that the task of controlling the incident took more than three hours and, although most of the evacuees were unharmed, 52 people had to be transferred to different hospitals due to smoke inhalation.

They worked on the spot five volunteer fire departments, from the Centro, Ruca Cura, Melipal, Dina Huapi and Cerro Campanario barracks; and more of a dozen ambulances.

The fire originated on the ground floor of the building where some 50 stores and almost 400 apartments are spread over ten floors.

In total we evacuated 1,006 people. The operation took about 30 minutes. At some point, police intervention was necessary, because some people were reluctant to leave. There were shouts, discussions, and one of them even displayed a weapon with which she threatened the firefighters,” said the Undersecretary of Civil Protection of the Municipality, Patricia Diaz.

And I add: “An extra difficulty was the significant number of people ‘with reduced mobility’. At least four people in wheelchairs and several more with canes had to go down a narrow staircase, already in the dark.

At the moment, there are two people who remain hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit of the Ramón Carrillo Zonal Hospital in Bariloche and two others treated in that same service, but from the Regional Private Hospital.

In all four cases, according to the news agency Telam, these are “intubated patients with airway compromise”. In addition, there are another 11 people who are receiving “carbon monoxide inhalation oxygen therapy”. Patients with “cuts due to broken glass” also arrived.

The staircase that was used for the evacuation (Diario El Cordillerano)

When he became aware of the accident, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Río Negro launched an investigation, headed by the chief prosecutor Martin LozadaThe fiscal Silvia Paulini and the deputy prosecutor Facundo D’Apiceto determine the causes of the fire.

“Once the firefighters finish the task, they will work on the expert reports. These will be carried out with an expert specialized in the subject, Criminalistics and the Operational Unit of the Public Ministry, “they indicated.

The Bariloche Center is a building of “studio apartments with a view of the lake and the hills” intended for tourists, according to the complex’s website.

The Public Prosecutor's Office of Río Negro initiated an investigation to determine the causes of the fire (Diario El Cordillerano)
The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Río Negro initiated an investigation to determine the causes of the fire (Diario El Cordillerano)

The real estate development “offers fully equipped apartments”, but also has a “commercial gallery” where there is a restaurant with delivery, a kiosk, a bakery, hairdressers and a laundry room.”

QThis Sunday at noon, while the experts and the Police were working there, the owner of a business that was not affected said that it already had electricity, but that the rest of the building remains without power and that the cut will be for a long time because “everyone the cables burned out.” As he added to the portal Black riverit was “a miracle” that the fire did not spread to the entire structure and valued “the good work done by the firefighters”.


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