The vitamins that women should take after the age of 60

Vitamins are those organic molecules that are very important for human life to be possible, Food is undoubtedly the means by which the greatest amount of vitamins enters the body.. Throughout life the body requires high amounts of these nutrients, but when the stage of maturity arrives, some take on more importance than others.

For women who cross the 60-year-old line, science has shown that Some nutrients, in particular, will be of great help so that the body is in the best conditions to face the stage of old age..

Vitamin B12 is one of those recommendations for women within the age range, according to studies conducted by the United States National Academy of Medicine, a lack of this vitamin could increase the risk of dementia-related problems.

This vitamin is part of the B complex group. Photo: Getty Images. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Mayo Clinic expert portal on health issues exposes foods rich in vitamin B12 that could be included in the daily diet.

“Food sources of vitamin B-12 include poultry, beef, fish, and dairy. Vitamin B-12 is also added to certain foods, such as fortified breakfast cereals, and is available as an oral supplement.“, Explain.

Other recommendations regarding vitamins for women over 60 is vitamin D, this is key in the processes of reducing chronic pain. It also brings benefits for the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system.

One of the ways to acquire this vitamin is through the diet, foods such as eggs, liver, cheese and tuna. The US Library of Medicine portal, Medline Plus, explains other methods of acquiring this important vitamin.

“You can get vitamin D in three ways: Through your skin, your diet, and supplements. Your body naturally produces vitamin D after exposure to sunlight. But too much sun exposure can cause skin aging and skin cancer, so many people look to get their vitamin D from other sources.

One of the ways to acquire this vitamin D is through the diet, foods such as eggs, liver, cheese and tuna. – Photo: Getty Images

Despite not being directly a vitamin, omega-3 should be included in this list. This fatty acid is polyunsaturated, making it an essential component for maintaining and restoring vital body functions.

This brings with it benefits for the brain, this translates into a better cellular state and balance in aspects such as mood and memorythe expert site on food formulabs exposes the best sources of omega-3.

“The main natural source of omega-3 is oily fish. When we talk about oily fish we include here sardines, tuna, trout, salmon, anchovies, pomfret, among others. But it can also be found in large quantities in shellfish,” they add.

The human body in general needs energy so that its functions can be carried out in the best way. One of the organs that requires a large amount of this energy is the brain, this is in charge of sending signals to all corners of the organism, as well as being the hard drive of thoughts and feelings.

Fatty acids such as omega-3 and docosahexaenoic acid, can promote the development of the baby's brain.
This fatty acid is polyunsaturated, making it an essential component for maintaining and restoring vital body functions. – Photo: Getty Images

The B vitamins are essential for the body to be able to extract the necessary energy from food, as indicated by the Medline Plus portal.

These vitamins help your body process to get energy from the food you eat. They also help form red blood cells.“, Explain.

As for the brain, it is important to consume these vitamins to meet its energy needs, in this way it will be possible to sharpen the cognitive abilities of people, improving concentration and memory. The digital site Supradyn, vitamin B refers to the benefits of this vitamin in the brain.

“Your brain needs vitamins and minerals to function well. The B vitamins are especially known for improving energy, focus, and mental alertness. If you supply your body with enough B vitamins, you will have better cognitive faculties, such as a greater ability to concentrate and a more efficient memory, ”she says.

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