You will no longer be able to pay for gasoline or with a card

You will no longer be able to pay for gasoline or with a card
You will no longer be able to pay for gasoline or with a card

The chain of payments in the country entered a dangerous red in some sectors, due to inflation, which is already rampant. Especially in the payment of gasoline.

The decision of the Confederation of Hydrocarbons and Related Entities of the Argentine Republic (Cecha) to suspend credit cards from February as a form of payment at service stations, is another sign that the economy’s ship it doesn’t finish straightening.

If something was missing from the domestic economy, it is this bucket of cold water for everyone. The decision comes from the high commissions that parking lot drivers claim to pay for the use of the system, which range from 1.5% to 1.8% per operation, added to the fact that refunds are not made within 48 hours, but rather take several days. In neighboring countries, this commission does not reach 0.5%.

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As of February, they would suspend the collection of gasoline with credit cards.

With the inflation process in the country, it seems that plastic can no longer finance anything. The stations have a low profit margin, but they sell a lot. Who puts up with devalued deferred payments when everyone wants cash?

That is why the service stations that are associated with the oil companies have more advantages with dispatches and forms of payment. But lately, the suppliers only dispatch the fuel “at the back of the truck”, as the old phrase says, which is nothing more than paying with cash and no questions asked.

This implies that funding has to be cut off somewhere. And the thread of payments is always cut at the thinnest. For users who go to load fuel every day. And beyond the gasoline they are more and more expensive, now you won’t even be able to use cards. For now, this is the country that is on the march. And it’s exhausting.

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