A building was set on fire and there is concern about the eventual explosion of jugs

Firefighters from the city of Buenos Aires formed on Tuesday night in Villa Ortúzar, where they arranged a perimeter of 200 meters per a fierce fire in a building in that Buenos Aires neighborhood, where several families reside, and were alerted to the existence of jugs, according to official sources.

“In the face of several calls to 911, the City Fire Department moved tonight due to a fire in a building located in Charlone at 1600, in Villa Ortúzar,” says a part of the Buenos Aires City Police that was able to access THE NATION. The flames would have broken out around 9:00 p.m.

Fire in a building in Villa Ortúzar

“It is a house where several families would reside, while Firefighters was informed about the existence of jugs, for which a preventive security perimeter of about 200 meters was arranged, cutting off traffic two blocks around”, added the official information.

“For the same reason, the neighboring houses were evacuated and their residents moved to Plaza 25 de Agosto, in Charlone and Heredia,” he details. SAME ambulances also took over the area, while Firefighters asked providers to “cut off electricity and gas services on the block”.

Fire in a building in Villa Ortúzar

Fire crews present at the scene attacked the fire that spread to the ground floor of the building. Some of them used a 66 mm line to extinguish the flames inside the housing complex, while others used a 38 mm line, with the intention of preventing the flames from advancing.

“It would be a wooden house measuring approximately 8 x 40 high, in which fire develops in a general way. Apparently the ground floor was used as a community dining room. Also, as a result of the flames, a sheet metal roof collapsed.Add the police report.

Fire in a building in Villa Ortúzar

Fire in a building in Villa Ortúzar

For now, only three people were transferred to the Tornú hospital and the Durand hospital -2 female and 1 male- by smoke inhalation.

The director of SAME, Alberto Crescenti, told TN: ”We have 16 ambulances and oxygenation units in place. We evacuated three people, including a pregnant woman, and we don’t know if there are more people inside.”. “It has not been possible to enter and we hope that no one remains inside,” she insisted.

Fire in a building in Villa Ortúzar

Fire in a building in Villa Ortúzar

Around midnight, according to sources from the City Police told this outlet, the fire could be “reduced”.

24 hours earlier, at the corner of Álvarez Thomas and Elcano, the City Firefighters moved towards the aforementioned intersection to fight against the widespread fire of a bus, a car and a garbage container. The flames could be controlled with the help of two crews.


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