Wanda Nara showed her change of look and left everyone speechless: “It looks a thousand times better on you”

Wanda Nara captivated her followers and left them speechless before a surprising makeover. Through her official Instagram account, the model made her new image public with a video. At the beginning of this Monday, she gave indications that something innovative would come in her life.

Mauro Icardi’s ex is in full summer recess. This weekend shared a series of moments in Buenos Aires with Maximiliano López and the children he shares with him: Valentino, 13; Constantino, 12, and Benedicto, 10. With this, he made clear the good relationship that both maintain despite being divorced. However, there was a surprise in store…

The before and after of Wanda Nara with her new hair color(Source: Instagram/@wanda_nara)

Wanda already has us used to this kind of thing and every time she innovates she receives a wave of praise from her fans. That is why she chose “brown” to dye her hair. This morning he shared a photo where he sentenced: “Bye blonde. See you soon”. Later, on top of his car, he took a close up of his hair and insisted: “Bye.”

After going through the hairdresser -hand in hand with his stylist and friend Kennys Palacios- Nara wore the new look and wrote: “Buenos Aires, I say new Aires. My natural color for such a cute project. Changes, everything changes”. With these words, he made it clear that the renewal was on purpose, since he will soon face another labor initiative.

Wanda Nara showed her change of look and left everyone speechless

As for the users of the social platform, they expressed in the comments their fascination with the decision to Wanda Nara to return to the natural tone of her hair. “It looks a thousand times better on you”; “This color definitely looks a thousand times better on you, it makes you look even younger”; “Better than blonde. Even so, your blonde hair is already your trademark”; “Do not doubt that it is your version and color. It makes you more beautiful and more delicate” and “With this hair color your eyes stand out”, are some of the messages that appear in the businesswoman’s post.

Long before the announcement of a new look change, Wanda Nara had a bad time on social networks when she broadcast live from Instagram. Although attracting attention was not in his plans, the innocent transmission ended up placing it once again among the most debated topics on the platform. This time, not because of a spicy comment or sharp indirection, but because of the thoughtless slip that culminated in an awkward blooper.

Wanda Nara did a live broadcast and had an uncomfortable wardrobe problem:

Wanda Nara did a live broadcast and had an uncomfortable wardrobe problem: “You can see me!”

During Thursday night, the model was in front of the camera and began to broadcast live. She did it in her pajamas, with her hair tied in a messy ponytail and leaning nonchalantly on the couch while one of her friends was next to her. She so comfortable she was she that she didn’t realize that the loose tank top she was wearing had come, leaving part of her bust exposed.

Despite the fact that she was staring at the cell phone screen, she did not notice the inconvenience of the wardrobe until someone sent her a message to warn her. “You can see my nipple!” Nara exclaimed and then abruptly ended the broadcast.


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