Toko-san, the Japanese who paid thousands of dollars to fulfill his dream and become a dog

A man Japanese spent two million yen, that is about $15,750to comply his biggest and most curious dream of becoming a dog.

Is about Toko-sanwho commissioned a highly realistic and custom-made costume from the agency Zeppet. In this way and after 40 days of hard work, the Japanese managed to become a Collieas the media learned Daily Mail.

In that sense, the British portal reported that Toko-san explained: “I made it a Collie because it looks real when I put it on”. “I thought that a large animal, my size would be good, considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to become a dog,” he clarified.

Tako-san had to carry out several tests and meetings until he obtained the final result of the suit.

After trying on his suit, the man shared a curious video on social networks in which not only the suit can be seen, but also Toko-san can be seen acting like a Collie.

As the music plays, the fake dog lifts its right paw twice, then its left. Up ahead, what looks like a Collie rolls on the ground and kicks its paws in the air. “I felt it was a waste to wear it alone and be satisfied so I posted a videoThe man replied Nippon TV when consulted by the images.

Despite the “Awesome” which can result in a person wanting to be a canine, the suit allowed Toko to fulfill a dream she had a long time ago, since she began using a collar and leash in her YouTube videos, but this was not enough.

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The word of the company that made the suit

After the images of the striking dog costume went viral, the company broke the silence and explained how the process of creating the costume was.

We use photos of collies taken from different angleswe improved the fluffiness of the fur to hide the shell of the costume as much as possible and we made the mouth open and close on its own”, the spokesman explained to local media.

The Japanese who fulfilled his dream of being a dog.
The company spent a lot of time making the suit look as real as possible.

“Currently, the main clients of our company are film and advertising companies; individual orders account for around 10% of the total,” the company clarified.


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