A carbine, pistols and knives: they found an arsenal in the house of the man who fired a shotgun on New Year’s

The shotgun was in the apartment where the New Year’s party took place. In the house there were lethal ammunition

The man who surprised the residents of the Once neighborhood with shotguns during the New Year celebrations had a armory at home. This is how they revealed it two raids ordered by the Justice at his home and in the apartment from where he shot from a balcony.

The images of the dangerous celebration in Rivadavia Avenue at 3300, a few blocks from Plaza Miserere, went viral after it was recorded by the cell phone camera of another person who shared the meeting. Between laughs, and complicitly, the two people can be heard celebrating the reckless fireworks that took place on the air shouting “Happy New Year!”.

In the last hours, and by instruction of the Criminal, Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Prosecutor No. 21, the City Police found and made available to the judicial authorities the author of the shots in the air. In both procedures, numerous weapons and ammunition were found.

Police personnel notified the defendant 47 yearswho will have to appear before the prosecution for the crime of firearm abusewhich indicates a maximum penalty rating of 3 years in prison.

The parents of the man who shot into the air would live in the apartment located around Once, according to sources from the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security. In that place it was confirmed that the weapon in the video was real, and had lethal lead ammunition.

The video in which the defendant, 47, shoots with a shotgun on New Years

Personnel from the Community Investigations Division 3 of the City Police in conjunction with the Judicial Investigation Corps (CIJ) of the Buenos Aires Prosecutor’s Office identified that the shotgun was 12×76 gaugebranded Akka Silah Sinayi. Next to it were sixteen 12×70 caliber cartridges, thirty-seven 40 caliber cartridges, thirty-six 9mm caliber cartridges, a 9mm caliber served case, and two consumer cards.

The other judicial procedure was done in the street Argerich at 1700, in the neighborhood of Villa Santa Rita, where the defendant lives. Personnel from the 11A Neighborhood Police Station discovered more weapons and ammunition: a carbine 308 caliber, a glock pistol .43 caliber, a Bersa 9-millimeter caliber, a 45-caliber, six knives, ammunition of different brands and calibers, and weapons cleaning items.

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Despite his reckless celebration with the shotgun, which could have seriously injured anyone in the Balvanera area, the uniformed officers confirmed that the defendant was in order. In the raided homes, the corresponding documentation and the legitimate user credentials to use the firearms were found, all in the name of the accused.

The arsenal found in the Villa Santa Rita house

The incident had occurred at midnight on December 31on Rivadavia avenue at the intersection with Agüero street, in front of a service station of the YPF company.

In the video, as can be seen in the sequence, a man who was on the balcony of an apartment holds his shotgun and triggers, at least, five times on the air. In the middle of that shooting, another of the people in the department celebrated the dangerous celebration. In the pictures, the casings of the gun are heard falling.

Until yesterday there were no complaints filed or calls to 911. Some neighbors and neighborhood workers saw the sequence, but at that moment they did not give it much importance. “It is a building with many people, that day they had guests. It is a couple that is always alone, they went to see it, ”said Natalia in statements to the channel A24. “We are on a busy avenue and at 12:30 there began to be traffic again, and in front of a service station,” the neighbor described the risk of the act.

After learning about the fact through social networks and the media, the Buenos Aires Judiciary advanced with an ex officio investigation.

The man was charged with the crime of abusing firearms.
The man was charged with the crime of abusing firearms.

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