A Mennonite is jailed for torturing his wife with boiling water

A Mennonite is jailed for torturing his wife with boiling water
A Mennonite is jailed for torturing his wife with boiling water

A Mexican Mennonite was arrested in Pampa de los Guanacos, Santiago del Estero province, after being denounced by his wife, who accuses him of throwing boiling water at her, hitting her with chains, sticks and a hammer. In addition, the man expelled his five children and grandparents to the mountains.

The charges of which the Mennonite is accused, who was arrested and must be investigated, are: “Injuries and qualified threats aggravated by the relationship,” according to prosecutors Santiago Bridoux and Gabriel Gómez.

The 44-year-old victim, also Mexican, has five children ages 21, 19, 15, 14 and 10, in common with the subject.

The woman assured that for two years she has been physically assaulted by her partner. She reported that the subject began with insults and with denying her food, to later proceed to beatings, and to the extreme of throwing at her with whatever she found in her path.

Weeks ago, he would have thrown boiling water on her head. To the pain and desperation, blisters all over the skull were added, which caused a scandal in the family, but without the consequences crossing the border of the Mennonite colony.

Later, the subject began to attack his five children, including one of them who has a disability.

Faced with this situation, two daughters fled to their grandparents’ house and their other children came out to defend their mother, but they followed the same fate.

The victim added that two sons were thrown out of the house and that they have been sleeping in the bush for several weeks because the individual does not allow them to return, let alone contact their mother, nor to be fed.

“In secret, I give them food in the back of the house. They walk in the mountains. They work, but they don’t want me to see them out of fear,” added the woman.

Far from ever experiencing sanity, the situation worsened, since when he gets home, he makes his wife leave because she is sorry to share any space with the man.

“The last thing was when he took me in the cart. He pushed me and threw me to the ground. There he kicked me until I passed out,” the victim told the Pampa de los Guanacos police.

Tax immediacy

Prosecutor Santiago Bridoux ordered the arrest of the Mennonite, who ended up in prison after a few hours. Now, his peers assist the complainant with doctors and psychologists, since the aftermath would be terrible, he transcended.

The woman has already been reunited with her five children and the authorities of the colony have been informed about the nightmare suffered among her “domains”.

The prosecutors of Monte Quemado have already internalized the process to the governor of the Mennonite colony, so that they can resolve the future of the family, indoors.

It should be noted that the Mennonites are a pacifist and trinitarian branch of the Anabaptist Christian movement, originated in the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation, more specifically within what was called the Radical Reformation.

Prosecutors outline a special process, because this is determined by the conjunction of Mennonites, but prioritizing the safety of the victims.

Mexico’s embassy

Bridoux affected doctors, psychologists and specialists: he wants to assist the family, but without ignoring the special conditions in which the institution is governed. In the case of Mexican citizens, the prosecutor also informed the Mexican embassy, ​​as required by national and international laws.

However, this does not condition or limit the arms of the Argentine Justice and those responsible for acts of violence must assume that commitment.

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