Controversy over the delivery of intimate gel by the Ministry of Health

Controversy over the delivery of intimate gel by the Ministry of Health
Controversy over the delivery of intimate gel by the Ministry of Health

Three days of the new year have not passed and in the Province the pre-electoral state is warned with the irruption of a new controversy between the ruling party and the opposition: this time due to the spending that the Buenos Aires State makes in sexual health programs. Specifically, it was PRO leaders -both presumed pre-candidates- who came out to publicly complain because the government of Axel Kicillof spends “more than 500 million pesos” on the purchase and distribution of intimate gel, used mainly to promote homosexual relations.

It is about the distribution of pots of free intimate gel with instructions for use carried out by the Province, through the Ministry of Health. The initial purchase, it was revealed, was made in October of last year and was certified by five internal control agencies. But before the end of the year, the Province requested a reallocation of items so that the purchase is greater, arguing that the lubricant reduces the chances of condom breakage and thus prevents sexually transmitted diseases.

From the Province they explained to EL DIA this afternoon that the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis C “is a State policy”, and that the difference is that now the form of distribution is “separate” from condoms because “we detected that there are people who use condoms and not the gel”.

For this reason, they considered the criticism as “a crude political operation by the opposition to attract attention.”

It is that in the morning the national deputy of Juntos and candidate for governor Diego Santilli questioned the spending on that program and, through his Twitter account, downloaded: “Believe it or not, those are the priorities of Kirchnerism.”

Cristian Ritondo, also a Juntos deputy and also a candidate for Buenos Aires governor, joined the criticism and demanded an “urgent” explanation from Kicillof and “stop this madness.”

Libertarians also weighed in on the issue, questioning Juntos and the government alike. It was the provincial deputy Nahuel Sotelo who, through social networks, remarked: “Today the ‘opposition’ comes out to denounce Kicillof’s expenses in an ‘intimate gel’ but gentlemen, do not be fooled. We were THE ONLY ones to denounce these things when the budget was voted. These expenses were approved by Juntos por el Cambio!”, said the deputy from Javier Milei’s space.

The controversy reached such a point that the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicolás Kreplak, came out to explain the health program through his bird network account, while charging at his detractors. “We are managing, complying with the law and taking care of our population. The purchase of sexual health prevention and care items is not something new. It has always been done and all inputs have to be provided by the State. Nothing surprises. They misinform and confuse, ”he complained.

At the same time that he insisted that in the government of María Eugenia Vidal “these purchases were also made”, he praised that due to the chosen mechanism “this product in the market sells for almost 2,000 pesos and our reference price is 500. The gel was always delivered of 2 grams together with the condom, but not all the population uses both elements. The 100 gram knobs will be delivered to those who need it, avoiding discarding it”, concluded the Minister.

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