The President advances against the Court with the support of 11 governors and some defections

The onslaught against the four Supreme Court judges will not wait Alberto Fernandez obtained the support of less than half of the governors on Tuesday to present the request for impeachment against the ministers of the highest court. Eleven leaders accompanied him in the document that he will present tomorrow in the Chamber of Deputies. For the most belligerent provincial caciques, who participated in a meeting at Casa Rosada, the judges incurred “in violation of the Public Ethics Law and in poor performance.”

The number of supports for the President’s initiative generated vertigo throughout the day: the Government, in fact, sent a statement to the press and a text with the request for impeachment that appeared with the accession of the governor of Entre Ríos, Gustavo Bordet, that however will not support the measure. “He did not sign the statement nor will he accompany the petition against the members of the Court,” they said close to the Entre Ríos president THE NATION. The decision surprised the Casa Rosada.

two other presidentsSergio Uñac from San Juan and Alberto Rodríguez Saá from San Juan, who had accompanied the President when he challenged the courtiers for the ruling that restored co-participation funds to the Federal Capital, this time they did not accompany the initiative either. So far they have not been convinced.

According to Casa Rosada sources, Fernández will present the impeachment request tomorrow at the Deputies ticket table, to take course in commission. Despite the fact that the ruling party would not have the votes in the lower house, close to the President they believe that the process, at a minimum, would obtain an opinion. The head of the commission, Carolina Gaillard, is from Entre Ríos. Although the governor of her province will not adhere, the legislator He is in very good harmony with Fernández.

In a statement, the Government indicated that Fernández and the eleven signatory governors decided “To promote the political trial against the president of the CSJN, Dr. Horacio Rosatti, for having repeatedly engaged in conduct that constitutes the cause of poor performance” and “request that the impeachment process be initiated with respect to Rosenkrantz, Maqueda and Lorenzetti.” “By last, We ask the Frente de Todos bloc to promote the project so that the institutional process in Congress begins as soon as possible,” they added.

In a scene similar to the one that took place on December 22 when the ruling of the Supreme Court on the co-participation of the City was known, Fernández received a group of Peronist governors yesterday in the Eva Perón Room to redouble the crusade against the highest court. “We consider that this Court had a manifest bias because the rulings that we have observed were to benefit a political sector. Argentines cannot be calm with members of the Court who violate the Constitution”, said Capitanich in the Patio de las Palmeras of the Casa Rosada.

Governors met with Alberto Fernández

In addition to captain (Chaco), the seat of government was attended by Ricardo Quintela (The Rioja), Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires), Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero), Gustavo Melella (Land of Fire), Sergio Ziliotto (The Pampa), Osvaldo Jaldo (Tucumán) and Gildo Insfran (Formosa). The first four were the ones who, at all times, asked to take the most extreme measures. Some of them, in fact, had already asked Fernández to move forward with impeachment at the December meeting, an idea that only caught on in the President with the New Year.

Rosada was also attended by the lieutenant governors Eugenio Quiroga (Santa Cruz) and Rubén Dusso (Catamarca). Alicia Kirchner (Santa Cruz) Y Raúl Jalil (Catamarca) -which they sent to their seconds- were connected by videoconference. did the same Bordet, who finally did not support. The governor of Chubut, Mariano Arcioni. instead, he did not attend the meeting, but signed the impeachment request. The meeting began at noon in the Eva Perón Room on the first floor and ended shortly before 2:00 p.m. The Government worked during the midday to convince the most doubtful provincial caciques.

Meanwhile, the head of the Cabinet, Juan Manzur; the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobelloand the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” DePedrowhich, by way of reception, housed the provincial leaders in their offices on the ground floor as they arrived at Balcarce 50. Unlike the previous meeting, the Deputy Chief of Staff Juan Manuel Olmos and the Legal and Technical Secretary did not attend , Vilma Ibarra (who had a few days off).

There are governors who will not be part of the President’s political game. Rodriguez Saa, who signed the previous communiqué, this time he did not. So far they have not convinced him. One C, who had been there when the President called for the co-participation, did not attend this second meeting. “He does not agree with this decision,” they told THE NATION near the governor

Uñac resolved last week to compete in his province for a third term, something that was questioned by the opposition, which appealed to the Justice. The last precedent of a similar controversy occurred in Santiago del Estero, where Zamora he tried to force a third term and the judicial presentation of the opposition ended in the Court, which ruled against it.

In the meeting yesterday, meanwhile, the governor of Santa Fe was not present, Omar Perotti, who, despite being a member of the Frente de Todos, never supported the President’s decision to go against the Court. Nor did the Cordovan president accompany the government, Juan Schiaretti, nor the four leaders of Together for Change.

Arabela Carrerasfrom Rio Negro; Omar Gutierrez, from Neuquen; Gustavo Saenzfrom Salta, and Oscar Herrera Ahuad, from Misiones, They did not sign the impeachment petition. These are leaders who respond to provincial party stamps and who only align themselves at times with the Government. In the previous meeting they had written their own statement, in which they were very critical of the Court’s ruling on co-participation.

The President’s brief questions the ruling of the Court that declared the unconstitutionality of Law 26,080 -which reduced the membership of the Council of the Magistracy and reinstated the previous law-, as well as the ruling that restored part of the primary co-participation funds to the administration of Rodriguez Larreta. At the end of the meeting, the provincial leaders also pointed to the alleged chats of the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro, -among them, an alleged exchange with Silvio Robles, Rosatti’s right-hand man – that were illegally leaked in the last few hours. “Rosatti’s legitimacy is totally in doubt. You can’t let this go,” Zamora said at the end of the meeting. The governor of Santiago del Estero filed a criminal complaint in his province against Robles and asked that his phones be seized.

“The Court advanced on the other powers. We feel affected,” said Kicillof, who also served as spokesperson at the end of the meeting.

After the Court resolved to uphold the precautionary measure filed by the administration of Rodriguez LarretaFernández said that the ruling was “impossible to comply” announced that he was going to challenge the four members of the Court. He also presented a revocation request “in extremis” of the resolution dictated by the courtiers.

Sergio Ziliotto, Governor of La PampaTelam news agency

Three days later, via Twitter, Fernández announced What would you pay with government bonds? the updated amount that the Court ordered to repay the City. This attitude was questioned by the governors who had the most intransigent positions and by the vice president Cristina Kirchnerwho ironically alluded to the Casa Rosada as the “Amague and Recule Group”.

After the leaked chats became known, Fernández aligned himself with the toughest positions of Kirchnerism and of some PJ governors, and announced that he would move forward with the political trial. He assured that he did it on his own initiative.

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