campsites, pizza and ‘revved up’ to stay 8 where 4 enter

Campsites full and with thousands of inquiries for the rest of the summer. But with rarely used grills, since the sandwiches come out more than the roast. Restaurants in which seafood is almost not ordered, and they are supported by the sale of pizzas. Stays of two or three days and even ‘stirred up’ model 2023. Which? Rent houses or apartments for 4 people, and let the rest of the family in once the key is obtained. To accommodate 6 or 8. Or more, putting up a tent in the patio.

This is the panorama of the start of summer in Las Grutas, which, according to merchants and service providers, began with fewer tourists than last year. And with trends that clearly show that pockets are thin, and that people are managing how they can not deprive themselves of their vacations. Although, sometimes, those resources are extreme.

“The thing about entering with more people once the ones who rented your house or apartment showed up and you gave them the key, they are doing it a lot. It happens to those who do not have complexes, and offer individual properties. Because when all the houses share the same space, control is greater” recounted one of the spa providers.

“For this year’s farewell ‘weekend’ we saw a lot. Several colleagues were notified that they had even set up a tent in the garden. Or they found out on their own when they received a complaint about the failure of some service, and They realized that what was wrong was the excess demand, because where they had rented to 4 there were now 8,” said the merchant, who rents several houses in the Terraza al Mar area.

Sometimes there is no other option than to use the campsites

The rise of campsites is another fact. “Forever we have the public that likes to camp, but there are those who do it because they have no other choice, and these holidays it is seen that there are many of those. In December there was still less movement than last year, but the level of inquiries is high. We do not make reservations, so those who ask for a price later can be accommodated if there is availability upon arrival” said Marcelo, from the Oasis campsite.

It also provided another clue that things are “complicated”. “You see it on the grills. It doesn’t always come out roasted, people try to save as much as possible. In fact, on the 31st, many cut off the festivities very early, after the toast,” he recalled.

Another who can attest that the restriction in expenses also reached food is Marcelo, who rents a resto in the third descent. “Pizzas and minutes are sold. Seafood is almost not asking. And until now there were only people from nearby places, such as Alto Valle and Neuquénbut in less quantity than in other seasons” he explained.

Finally, all agreed that limiting stays as much as possible seems to be another of the resources to face the crisis . “The idea is to not deprive yourself of traveling, but taking care of expenses thoroughly. Most of those who came for the farewell to the year stayed only two days” The gastronomic one continued counting, who also owns properties for tourist rental.

The truth is that there is a lot of expectation for what will happen after Three Kings Day, which is the time when, traditionally, the arrival of tourists who will vacation during the first fortnight is completed. “Most likely, it will be a summer with a public that arrives during the weekends” ventured the owner of the campsite. An idea shared by the bulk of providers.

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