there are more cases against the music teacher

Next Friday, January 6, the preventive detention imposed on the music teacher of Jardín 31 in the Melipal neighborhood of the city of Neuquén expires, in the context of the investigation for sexual abuse against children who attended the establishment. Today a hearing was held in which both the prosecution and the complaints asked to expand the accusation.

The Prosecutor for Sexual Offenses, Manuel Islas, received a total of 101 complaints against the defendant. Last year he was charged with the acts committed against 16 victims. Today the official asked the Judge of Guarantees, Mauricio Zabala, to extend the accusation for another 8, which would add up to 24. The private complaints joined the request, plus the defender of the Rights of the Child, Girl and Adolescent, Andrea Rapazzo.

Defender Gustavo Palmieri asked the judge to grant him a period of time to hear the accusation in detail. Zabala granted him an intermediate room until tomorrow.

The events occurred on dates and times that have not yet been determined, it is only known that they were between March and July 2022, when they were exposed by a mother’s complaint.

The crimes for which he was accused were simple sexual abuse and carnal access, aggravated by having been committed by the person in charge of educating the victims, who were between 3 and 5 years old.

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