21st Century University closed the school year : : Provincial Viewpoint : : Santa Fe News

21st Century University closed the school year : : Provincial Viewpoint : : Santa Fe News
21st Century University closed the school year : : Provincial Viewpoint : : Santa Fe News
CAU Santa Fe closed this school year with an impeccable Alumni Ceremony, which took place at the facilities of the brand new CAU in its auditorium. Graduates from different careers were honored at a new gala. Accompanied by Dr. Lucas Appendino, who attended from Córdoba on behalf of the General Directorate of 21st Century University Learning Centers; authorities of the Professional Associations, and Lic. Oscar Matiller, coordinator of the CAU Santa Fe, with his entire team of collaborators, who managed to get the CAU dressed up as a party.

Participating in the act were Dr. Oscar Martínez, Provincial Deputy; Dr. Víctor Benítez and Juan Manuel Riera, members of the Santa Fe Bar Association Board of Directors; Lic. Romina Sanabria and Tec. Araceli Ríos representing the College of Professionals in Occupational Hygiene, Safety and Health District 1; Prof. Dante Gaspari, Coordinator of CAU Crespo UES21; Tec. Verónica Kieffer, Coordinator of CAU Esperanza UES21; Prof. Elsa Ana María Morandin, Rector of the UEGP Institute Nº208; by the Ministry of Government of Santa Fe, Dr. Mariano Bar; from the Ministry of Security, Catalino Miguel Ángel Portillo; Dr. Lucas Arnolf, secretary of metropolitan areas of the province of Santa Fe; Lic. Joselina Pilatti, from Fundación Centro and Mr. Sergio Suazo from Mutual Educational Services “Por la Esperanza”. For the UPCN Education Area, Ms. Isabel Marily Ibarlin and Prof. Jorge Kert.

In addition, the warm greeting of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Mgter. Pablo Rivarola through a video, who congratulates them for “having met the personal challenge of graduating, for the 21st Century University the effort and recognition of merit are essential and should be valued as such,” he said.

On behalf of the Representative of the University, Dr. Appendino, he stressed that “Our country and the world need professionals like you, who are capable of putting people at the center. Committed, bold, innovative, enterprising professionals who are not afraid to occupy leadership spaces in their communities to realize dreams by making a better society”, he expressed and urged them to enjoy this achievement.

For his part, Matiller assured: “I fervently believe in youth and in everything they have to contribute to this world to make that society better than we dream of and are doing every day.”

In the development of the act, special mention was made to different students for their career and different distinctions were given to the Outstanding Students of each CAU; among them, the “Solapín de Plata” was awarded, recognition granted by the 21st Century University to the accountant Camila Maestri, for being the graduate with the best average of her career at the country level, with a grade of 9.69. Also for CAU Santa Fe, from the Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker Career, Carolina Esquivel for being the best average with 9.69 and from the town of Santo Tomé awarded by the CAU for her accountant Laura Ledesma, with an average of 8.82.

In the same way, Ms. Romina Sanabria and Tec. Araceli Ríos, representing the College of Professionals in Occupational Hygiene, Safety and Health, District 1, delivered presents and certificates, to distinguish the recent Graduates of the University Technician in Hygiene and Occupational Safety for having achieved the achievement of technicians and accompanying them in the exercise of the profession from the aforementioned College of Professionals. In this case, the Best average was awarded to Tec. Sebastián Reimondo, with an average grade of 8.90

As a finishing touch and special treat, the songwriter Josela Garcilazo, singer, guitarist and composer, who dazzled with her charm and professionalism, closed such an emotional ceremony with her show, participated in the meeting.

It is worth mentioning the early open registrations for 2023 in the almost 100 careers that are studied at CAU Santa Fe and in each location where Siglo 21 is present. In the case of Santa Fe at San Martin 2029 corner Juan de Garay, for information and registration, go to the aforementioned University Learning Center or through our Social Networks Universidad Siglo 21 – CAU Santa Fe or by calling 342 -5208509/ 342 525 56 44 .

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