What documents do you require to process the operating licenses in SLP?

What documents do you require to process the operating licenses in SLP?
What documents do you require to process the operating licenses in SLP?

The City Hall of San Luis Potosi the period of endorsement of Operating Licenses and Announcements began, a process established in articles 21 and 32 of the Chapter Endorsement of Licenses of the Regulation for the Exercise of Commercial, Industrial and Service Provision Activities of the municipality.

Complying with these requirements, assured the City Council, gives legal certainty to the business and protects the assets of merchants and businessmen.

For the endorsement process, the owners must present the following documents:

  • SARE application signed by the owner or legal representative.
  • Copy of land use license.
  • Copy of the property tax payment receipt for the property where the business is located and according to the line of business.
  • Copy of current opinions issued by the municipal directorates and external instances involved.

Likewise, and in order to expedite the procedure, the business owner must submit the 2022 operating license in original format, the latest payment receipts for endorsement and a photograph of the business’s façade.

On the other hand, the current opinions that will be requested for the process of endorsement of operating licenses are:

  • Land use license
  • Internal opinion on civil protection and security measures.
  • Opinion issued by the Department of Ecological Management and Waste Management
  • Technical Opinion visit that is issued in the inspection area of ​​the municipal Commerce Department.
  • Road feasibility report
  • Opinion on security at risk and infrastructure against fire

Finally, the City Council specified that the intervention of intermediaries is not required, since the process is personal and the team of the Trade Directorate offers support for the interested party to achieve their goal.

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