Armani and River’s reception as World Champion

Armani and River’s reception as World Champion
Armani and River’s reception as World Champion

Armani came up with the world champion medal and one of the replicas of the cup, and the concentration dressed in the colors light blue and white in homage to the goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team. Great reception.

In United States

After spending a large part of the preseason at the Ezeiza and San Luis venues, River arrived in Miami this Tuesday afternoon to carry out the last part of it and also dispute three friendlies that will serve Martín Demichelis to polish the football aspect before the start of the official competition.

With Nicolás de la Cruz already in the delegation (Franco Armani is the only one absent, since he will join directly in North American lands after his vacations), the squad left Ezeiza around 7 and is already in the United States, where it will stay until January 17.

In addition to the usual Primera players, Among those called by Demichelis for the preseason are four Reserve youth players: Franco Petroli, Lucas Lavagnino, Franco Alfonso and Flabián Londoño Bedoya. Ulises Giménez, a 16-year-old youth defender, is the one who did not get on the plane today but will do so as soon as the visa procedures are finished.

In addition to finishing shaping the soccer idea, Demichelis will take advantage of these days on North American soil to continue evaluating some footballers and decide who will count definitively for when the official season begins.

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