“Hello 147” is also on social networks

From the municipality of Cipolletti they reported that the line 147 It is also present through social networks. Being a cross platform system of attention to the citizen, it also approaches the neighbors through Facebook.

Neighbors can enter through this page for information, advice and consultation.

“Hello 147”, is a multi-platform system to expedite the response to the claims and requirements of the neighbors, “a qualitative and substantive change that has a positive impact on government management,” they described from the municipality. One of the purposes is the modernization of the State and the improvement of the responses to the neighbors.

Through the city government’s digital innovation and management secretariat, it was reported that the largest number of inquiries since its launch in 2022 were related to the request for general information about pharmacies on duty, driver’s licenses and bridge status.

Then the entry of incidents referring to “General services (street sweeping, garbage collection and sprinkler), green spaces, public lighting and transit«, They described from the municipality.

They concluded that “the goal is unify numbers to facilitate and resolve processes, it is a listening channel which provides information for decision-making”.

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