With blockades on three interdepartmental routes and vigil at the bars, they call for the release of Camacho

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January 3, 2023, 12:35 PM

January 3, 2023, 12:35 PM

The road blockade was the first protest measure that some Santa Cruz provinces accepted after the apprehension of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho (Wednesday, December 28). A six days after the transfer of the governor from Santa Cruz to La Paz, the vigil continues permanent control of State institutions and the seizure of some roadblocks where tolls are collected.

The president of the interprovincial civic committees, José Ernesto Serrate, confirmed to EL DEBER that the vigil is carried out by self-convened citizens, who decided to join the cause peacefully.

Regarding the current blocking points, Serrate specified that there are three cuts: one in San Carlos, another in Roboré and a third in Pailón. The last two, he continued, are also from residents who request the release of the Santa Cruz authority.

When asked about periods for the sporadic circulation of vehicles, Serrate stated that hethe blocks are permanent until “our governor is released.”

Another place that has been cut off since Saturday, December 31, is the kilometer 13 of the route to La Guardia. Passengers who have arrived from other departments along the old highway to Cochabamba have had to change in order to reach the capital of Santa Cruz. There are heavy transport units that are stranded on the road.

Blockage point at km 13 double via La Guardia / Photo: Miguel Surubī

From Guarayos, Desther Ágreda, correspondent for EL DEBER, reported that in that town the highway, which connects Santa Cruz with Beni, is expedited, but that there are vigils at the ABT facilities.

Expedited admission to Ascensión de Guarayos / Photo: Désther Ágreda

In Camiri, citizens placed banners in public offices and at the entrance to the town as a sign of protest against the arrest of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho. The crusade took place on Monday.

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