The number of Argentine tourists who crossed into Brazil astonished officials

The number of Argentine tourists who crossed into Brazil astonished officials
The number of Argentine tourists who crossed into Brazil astonished officials

CURRENTS. More of 21,000 Argentine vacationers they crossed yesterday from Pass of the Free did the different tourist destinations on the Brazilian coastwhich represents 300% more in relation to the numbers registered in the previous season and, at least, almost 20% more in relation to the values ​​prior to the pandemicalthough the immigration authorities foresee that the peak is yet to come and that it could amount to 25,000 people per day, only at this border crossing.

“Yesterday more than 21,000 people crossed the international bridge, a number that is above the 18,000 that were registered on the best days of the years prior to the restrictions due to the pandemic. We are even talking about higher numbers of up to 300% in relation to the crossings registered last year, ”he told THE NATION the coordinator of the Border Center, Alberto Yardín. Meanwhile, today the authorities foresaw some organizational changes to speed up the migratory processes, but the demand was just as sustained as yesterday. For this reason, at the close of this note, it was believed that the number of tourists would tend to rise until they parked in its record peak that would be recorded next weekend.

Given the huge number of people who crowded the international bridge in recent days Agustin P. Justo – Getulio Vargas –because the numbers have been increasing since last week, when between 13,000 and 16,000 people passed through–, the parking lots and the routes near customs have collapsed. Yesterday there were thousands of vehicles parked on Route 117. Through this pass you can access beach destinations such as Florianópolis and other southern coasts.

As a result of this situation, the municipal authorities of Paso de los Libres, the Border Center, the Police and the National Gendarmerie agreed to install several checkpoints on the route to order traffic and, thus, expedite the crossing, reported Yardín. .

“In addition, two things happened that are very important: the installation of two special boxes for the residents of librenos, that they should no longer get out of their vehicles and only with the presentation of the DNI they will be able to go to Uruguayana (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), with the corresponding expediting of the work in Migrations; and the installation of special boxes also for tourists traveling by bus”, added Ataliva Laprovitta, delegate of Migrations in Corrientes, in contact with THE NATION.

“Both things are important because it speeds up the work, but also because it was a demand from the users of the bridge and who are included in the Border Neighborhood Transit system,” added the official.

They seek to speed up controls to avoid long linesGentleness

Laprovita also reported that Migrations ordered a significant reinforcement of personnel to meet the demand, which can even climb to 25,000 daily crossings on the weekend. Service for private vehicles doubled and there are now some 40 service points. “Yesterday, due to the collapse of the system, the delays were more than four hours,” he remarked.

As indicated by Yardín to THE NATION, already on Sunday a pilot test of the two exclusive boxes was carried out and, after its proper functioning, yesterday they were enabled. “They are exclusive for the citizens of Paso de los Libres who travel to Uruguayana and vice versa. If they go to another part of Brazil or Argentina, they must carry out the corresponding procedures, ”he clarified.

“An exclusive exit for buses was also set up and now checkpoints have been set up at the loop of national route 14 and its intersection with provincial route 117, to avoid blocking the entry and exit of customs, but above all to avoid blocking of the Multimodal Cargo Complex, because we remember that this bridge is used by international trade and between 1,000 and 1,200 trucks pass through here daily, which is also a very complex situation to deal with,” added the coordinator of the Border Center.

The number of people “is something new even for the officials themselves. But we trust that as the days go by, the crossing will be even more agile, ”he said.

Regarding the state of the Agustín P.Justo – Getulio Vargas international bridge, after its complications last year, both officials consulted by this newspaper acknowledged that it is suitable for all registered flow at the moment. “What we do with the authorities is take care that there is no dead weight left on the bridge. This is a recommendation from the National Highway Administration and also from the Brazilian authorities,” said Yardín.

Laprovitta, meanwhile, recalled that the works on the viaduct were completed three weeks ago, but there are still interventions in the Brazilian head, “which were paused because it is not the most convenient with the number of vehicles circulating,” he mentioned.

The Corrientes Migration delegate confirmed that to travel to Brazil from Paso de los Libres, you must have an ID card or passport. Certificates of loss or digital documents are not accepted. Minors who are not traveling with their parents must have certified express authorization. In addition, the immigration registration of entry and subsequent departure before the Federal Police of Brazil is required, which is carried out at the border on the Getulio Vargas bridge.

Regarding the vaccine passport against Covid-19, he stated that they must have downloaded physical or digital vaccination certificate. Two doses of vaccine or one in the case of a single dose are required.

For those people who do not have vaccinations, must present a negative PCR or an antigen less than 24 hours. To re-enter Argentina, applications related to the coronavirus are not necessary.

In addition to personal documents, all current records of the vehicles in which the crossing is made are required.

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