Crime of DJ Leandro “Lele” Gatti: they offered a $4 million reward for information on the murderer and they finally arrested him

Maximiliano Vergara, the suspect of having shot Leandro Gatti at the exit of the “Mr. Jones” bowling alley

Jose Maximiliano Vergara (36), for whom the Ministry of Security of the province of Buenos Aires had offered a reward of four million, was arrested this Tuesday in Mar del Plata. The fugitive and accused of having been the material author of the DJ’s homicide Leandro “Lele” Gatticommitted in September 2021 at the exit of a bowling alley in that spa city, fell into the house of his ex-partner.

The arrest was made this afternoon after personnel from the DDI Mar del Plata received a call from a person who gave an exact location of the fugitive. With this information, the policemen surrounded the house where he was hiding, located at 3000 Calaza Bis, between Avellaneda and San Lorenzo, in Mar del Plata, where he was finally caught on his way out.

Vergara tomorrow will be investigated by the prosecutor andrea gomezin charge of the Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 from Mar del Plata, which is investigating the crime of the DJ.

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In the case, Chamber III of the Mar del Plata Court of Appeals, made up of chambermaids Raúl Paolini and Pablo Poggetto, ratified on October 5 of last year that Luis Alberto Ytzcovich (28) and the security chief of the bowling alley Fernando Alberto Romito (40) are tried for the crime of “homicide during robbery”.

This was the crime of the DJ in Mar del Plata

Also, he’s still on the run. Eduardo Maximiliano Urra Zapata (34)accused of being “the one who diagrammed the plan to commit the crime” and for whom they also offered the reward of four million pesos.

According to the investigation, Ytzcovich was driving the motorcycle on which Vergara was traveling as a companion, when Gatti was assaulted in the parking lot located next to the Mr. Jones dance venue. After a struggle, the DJ was fatally shot in the chest with a firearm. .22 caliber.

Leandro “Lele” Gatti

Ytzcovich turned himself in 48 hours after the crime in a police station, and although his defense attorney maintained in different instances that “it was only shown that he was driving the motorcycle,” the Guarantees judge pointed out that “far from aborting the mission, he chose to wait in place to flee, driving through half the city, thus guaranteeing impunity” for you and Vergara.

In the case of Romito, he was arrested ten days after the murder, after having participated in a march demanding justice, and according to the prosecutor, he provided information on “movements and schedules of the employees when they left” the place, “as well like the characteristics of the bags in which they transported the money” from the collection. He was Mr. Jones’ head of security.

Eduardo Maximiliano Urra Zapata (34) is still a fugitive
Eduardo Maximiliano Urra Zapata (34) is still a fugitive

Meanwhile, Vergara was the one who, according to the prosecution, shot Gatti during the assault, and Urra Zapata is accused of providing support “on board a Renault Clio car”, which was captured by security cameras in the Roca area and the Boulevard Marítimo at the time of the crime.

In February 2022, the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security offered a reward of up to four million pesos for anyone who provides information about them.

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