Mario Vivas made a summary of the judicial year 2022

Mario Vivas made a summary of the judicial year 2022
Mario Vivas made a summary of the judicial year 2022

He gave details about the development of different projects that the STJ has been developing and also about the institutional work that was taking place throughout the calendar year.

Vivas pointed out that “the year started really badly, from the point of view of the fire that affected the headquarters of the STJ; We have managed with great effort to value the offices of the Ministers, the Hearing Room and the Agreements Room and we continue working for the total recovery, something that we have not yet achieved; We hope that in this coming year we will be able to finish this work that we have undertaken”.


Regarding the rest of the province, he pointed out as an outstanding fact that “the fourth and last stage of the construction of the Judicial City of Comodoro Rivadavia building has been undertaken and something very important has been the signing of the agreement with the Limited Cooperative Society of Comodoro to provide energy to all facilities; work has already been done on the wiring and we are advancing quite quickly within the times, especially economic and what is the reality that the country is experiencing, so we expect the completion of the work for this new year.

On the other hand, he mentioned the acquisition of a property in Lago Puelo. “Some modifications have to be made, but it is spacious and is in a position to house the Criminal Judicial Office and eventually hold jury trials in Lago Puelo,” Vivas said.

In the same way, he mentioned that progress has been made “in the first part of the bidding for the work of the appeals chamber of Puerto Madryn and we were able to value a house confiscated from a criminal case and we currently have the Training School operating Judicial in that property; at the same time that we have recovered some land from the STJ in Trelew, where the installation of the Archive of the Judiciary will be carried out in the future».

All this together with the repair “that we have been able to do in properties that are our own, in order to avoid their deterioration. Within the possibilities we have tried in this way to sustain and increase the patrimony.


From an institutional point of view, he recalled that one year has passed since the new Ministers were sworn in and assured that this “has allowed us to distribute the work in a different way, with a comprehensive and correct division of the rooms, with the distinction that two women have been able to integrate the STJ for the first time in the history of the province.

On the other hand, he highlighted the coverage of positions of magistrates in different Judicial Districts, such as in Rawson where “we already have the Civil and Commercial Court, the Execution Court, the Family Court and also one of the designated judges in operation. Criminal Courts”, while awaiting the coverage of a second position of criminal judge for this year.

Also in Comodoro Rivadavia during the year 2022 “the integration of the four family courts has been achieved with the appointment of new Thursdays, thanks to the work of the Judicial Council, in addition to some other vacancies that we had. There has been a high percentage of coverage in relation to previous years.


Regarding the connection of the STJ with public organizations and professional associations, Vivas valued the work “together with AMJA to organize the days to fight against Grooming, in addition to the permanent activities of the Office for Women and Gender Violence on gender awareness and training.

He also highlighted the close relationship with the Faculty of Legal Sciences of the San Juan Bosco National University of Patagonia, particularly the realization of internships with that institution.


Finally, Vivas considered “a true honor to hand over the presidency to the first woman to occupy the presidency of the STJ” at the end of her term on March 31, at which time Camila Banfi Saavedra will assume office for the 2023/2024 period.

“In the month of December and within the framework of a plenary agreement where different issues were discussed, we complied with the law that imposes the obligation to designate the authorities for the following year and we have unanimously decided to opt for the lottery provided by law,” Vivas explained, about the selection mechanism through which Camila Lucía Banfi Saavedra was appointed president for the period that begins on April 1, 2023, while another woman, Dr. Silvia Alejandra Bustos, will occupy the second vice-presidency of the STJ.

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