Emprendemos Todos: the Government delivered 117 cards to promote self-managed work

At the beginning of the year, the provincial government ratified its commitment to promote self-managed work. In an act held this Monday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Analía Rach Quiroga and Minister of Social Development María Pía Chiacchio Cavana delivered 171 Tuya Cards from the Nuevo Banco del Chaco of the “Emprendemos Todos” program that were distributed in production units of 20 towns in Chaco , promoting the purchase of resources to enhance their activities.

“Since the beginning of the administration, we have the objective of strengthening the productive units that drive local economies,” said the lieutenant governor, who celebrated starting the year “with the possibility of being able to deliver cards to families and teams of people who have been coming for They have been undertaking a long time, and that, without a doubt, they need the presence of the State to strengthen their ventures and be able to take the necessary leap to increase their production and its quality”, he considered.

“It fills us with satisfaction to say that it is the third installment, which has a very significant impact, because we understand that generating work is a priority. Today it fills us with joy to know that we have already reached 8,500 productive projects that were able to access more tools to improve their production,” said Rach Quiroga.

The implementation of Tarjeta Tuya “Emprendemos Todos” is given through an agreement between the Nuevo Banco del Chaco (NBCH) and the Ministry of Social Development, constituting an important tool for workers of the popular economy and their families to access an emergency financial contribution, non-refundable, for the purchase of tools, machinery and vital inputs for the development of their respective economic activities.

The lieutenant governor recalled that said amount is subject to accountability, explaining that “the State is accompanying and advising each of the people who have access to this right”, emphasizing the priority given to productive units linked to women who were, for example, victims of violence “to start walking that autonomous life project, with economic independence, free of violence,” he said.

Field work and State accompaniment

Prior to delivery, field work is carried out to determine priorities in the populations to be monitored. Thus, the contribution that is made and that is subject to accountability is focused first on productive units with people with disabilities, pregnant people or mothers of seven children, as well as diverse identities.

In her turn, the Minister of Social Development, María Pía Chiacchio Cavana gave details of the accompaniment methodology. “Once the entrepreneur defines his or her project, the next step and one of the most complex is to capitalize, without the basic tools they cannot produce and there are proposals of this type to mark a firm and sustained accompaniment,” said the official .

The minister underlined the series of positive effects of public policy that transcend those who receive the contributions directly. “The members of the productive units buy in the shops of their locality, a virtuous circle is generated in that city and the commercial sector also benefits,” she said.

In figures, they indicated that with the last two deliveries of Emprendemos Todxs some 500 businesses operated with plastics while since its implementation, in 2020, some 8,500 entrepreneurs had support from the social portfolio.

This third installment covers enterprises in Barranqueras, Fontana, Castelli, La Leonesa, La Verde, Las Palmas, Las Breñas, Margarita Belén, Napenay, Pampa Almirón, Pampa del Indio, Plaza Presidency, Roque Sáenz Peña Presidency, Puerto Tirol, Puerto Vilelas, Quitilipi, San Martín, Resistencia, Taco Pozo and Río Villa Bermejito).

The act was also attended by: the Undersecretary for Gender, Diversity and Dissidence, Delia “Choni” Pérez; the director of Diversity, Sexual Dissidence and Gender Identity, Úrsula Sabarece; the representatives of the General Coordination of the Social Policies Executing Unit of the Ministry of Social Development, Rocío Domínguez and Manuela Ortiz; Social Teams for Social Development and Human Rights and Gender; and individual and associative productive units, holders of the program.

Management for the growth of the popular economy

Yours “We all undertake” enables entrepreneurial families to purchase in stores in each of their locations, promoting, in addition to the individual growth of the ventures, the strengthening of the network of local suppliers and the injection of money, directly into the economy of each community. At this point, the person in charge of the program, Rocío Domínguez, emphasized: “The use of Tarjeta Tuya favors local economies throughout the territory.”

Celebrating this new delivery, which is added to the 300 cards previously delivered, Domínguez ratified that “this provincial public policy allows entrepreneurs from all over the province to count on the support of the State, to continue producing, improving and increasing the sales”.

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