How is the online procedure to avoid the increase of 8.21% in February

From February 1, every month there will be increases in prepaid medicine fees. They will be automatic and will be calculated based on the Health Cost Index. For the second month of the year, the rise will be 8.21%, although users with income within a certain range may request the Superintendence of Health Services (SSSalud) that the increase be almost half. An online form must be completed for this.

the procedure must be carried out by the owner usersince it is an affidavit. There is time until January 20 to complete the form that will allow you to reduce the February fee increase from 8.21% to 4.91%.

Due to the fact that the increases agreed upon from February will be monthly and automatic, This process must be done every month. to avoid the full application of the increase. Both the self-employed and those who make mandatory contributions to social works can access the differential increase, as long as their income is less than six minimum vital and mobile wages (SMVM), that is, less than $371,718.

Previous steps

First of all, we suggest that you have your cell phone and a computer handy. In order to start the process, you must have a tax code and electronic tax address. If you do not have a tax code, processing it is simple. You must download the MiAFIP application from your store. Once you have entered, you must click on “Request or retrieve tax code”. Have your ID handy and situate yourself in a place with good lighting and a light background, as you will be asked to scan the document’s barcode and a facial recognition test with the camera.

Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to generate your tax code, which must be a 10-character alphanumeric code. Then enter the AFIP website and click on login. There you must place your CUIL/CUIT and the tax code generated. It is very likely that, for security reasons, you will be asked to change your tax code.

It is the income that, at most, prepaid affiliates must have in order to request a reduction in the percentage increase for February

If you do not have an electronic tax address, on the same website you must click on “Electronic Fiscal Address”. You may be asked to add an email and a phone number. If you do not have any registered, you must click on “Add”. A popup window will open (if it doesn’t open, check in the browser bar that the browser is not blocking it). Once both data are added, select them and continue. There you must confirm or add the tax address.

Prepaid: the procedure before the SSSalud

First, You must enter from your computer to the SSSalud website and click on “entry”. It will redirect you to the AFIP page where you will access with CUIL/CUIT and the tax code generated. A search bar appears on the AFIP home page that says “What do you need?” Look for “MiSSSalud” there and click on “Add”.

It will send you back to the SSSalud website, where you must select “Affidavit of Prepaid Users”, and in the new window click on “new statement”. Next, click on “selection of prepaid medicine entity” where you must enter the provider with which you are affiliated or associated.

As the last step, you must check the boxes that say “I declare that I have net income of less than 6 SMVM” and “I authorize the SSSalud to validate the data entered with other organizations.” You give “accept” and finally confirm the data entered.

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