Nationalize EDESUR? The surprising revelation of the ENRE controller

Nationalize EDESUR? The surprising revelation of the ENRE controller
Nationalize EDESUR? The surprising revelation of the ENRE controller

We have been asking EDESUR to leave the concession for a long time, not only because of the lack of will but also because of the lack of interest it has shown, now explicitly, knowing that this harms millions of users.. It is a total irresponsibility due to the lack of attention, the lack of protection and helplessness of people”, the defender said then Guido Lorenzino.

The recurrence of problems in the service is an annoyance for users. And the onerous fines that the ENRE applied on more than one occasion account for their systematic nature. A year ago, the body that regulates electricity in our country imposed a fine of 239 million pesos. In November the problems continued and they sanctioned her again with 135 million pesos. A month later, again, they intimidated the company for 94 million pesos.


The ENRE controller, Walter Martello, considered the possibility of nationalizing EDESUR.

Despite the significant figures, which are returned to users as compensation for the lack of service, the company does not seem to take the allusion and does not make the investments to improve its quality. For Martello himself, the sanctions have little flavor. “We are going to penalize the company. Although we know that it is not the solution, it is one of the tools available to the ENRE to fulfill our control function”he assured after the massive cut.

Today, in dialogue with AM390, Martello affirmed that there is a great possibility that the State will take over the shares owned by Enel, the Italian company led by Francesco Starace, who announced his withdrawal from the country.. The Italian energy company owns 43 percent of the share package. The remaining 57 percent belongs to an investor group: Distrilec SA, made up of the companies Perez Companc, Chilectra, Enersis, Endesa de Chile, PSI and TAICO.

“It is a company that was privatized 30 years ago, it has 70 concession left, that’s 99 years. If one analyzes his entire career, he was never effective and efficient in giving us a quality service”justified Martello, who already raised the nationalization when he served as Deputy Defender of the province of Buenos Aires.

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