Lula has already signed more than ten decrees: what are they?

The same day he assumed the presidency of Brazil, Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva signed a series of decrees about some of the issues he spoke about in the campaign. Among them, the suspension of the policy on the acquisition of arms and the immediate withdrawal of the privatization program of the oil company Petrobras, the logistics company Correios and the Brazilian Communication Company (EBC). The measures were anticipated in his speech in front of Parliament.

Within the framework of his third term as president of Brazil, Lula He did not hesitate to carry out a series of decrees to put an end to some of the policies carried out by his far-right predecessor Jair Bolsonaro. They have not yet been published in the Official Gazette (DOU), but the minutes were signed at the Planalto Palace.

Within hours of receiving the presidential sash signed a decree that extends the federal tax exemption for fuels for 60 days, a measure aimed at reducing its cost. The decree was among the first batch of decisions made by Lula hours after he was inaugurated as president, after replacing Bolsonaro and officially establishing his cabinet of 37 ministers.

Lula Da Silva and his first speech as the new president of Brazil in CongressMAURO PIMENTEL – AFP

Likewise, and in a clear definition of principles, suspended the registration of new weapons that could be acquired by civilianswhile it also suspended the authorization for the opening of new shooting clubs until new regulations and finally reduced the number of weapons that a civilian can have at home from six to three, according to the agency. telam. “Brazil does not need weapons in the hands of the people,” he said.

On the other hand, a decree also reestablished the functioning of the Amazon Fund. The fund was paralyzed in the first year of Bolsonaro’s government, when Germany and Norway stopped donations because the committees that managed the resources were extinguished. With this, R$3.2 billion that had already been donated was stopped, according to local media. O’Globe.

Also in the environmental area, a decree was published on the fight against deforestation in all environmentsY a measure on illegal mining was repealed. The Ministry of the Environment must still present, in 45 days, a proposal for a new regulation of the National Council for the Environment (Conama), whose composition was modified by Bolsonaro.

After that, three provisional measures (PM) were signed: one that restructures the government, increasing the number of ministries; other than Expands Federal Fuel Tax Exemption and a third that enables the payment of R$600 from Auxílio Brasil, which will be renamed Bolsa Família.

In education, a decree that allowed special schools aimed only at students with disabilities was repealed and another that deals with social participation in the discussion and elaboration of public policies.

Earlier, in his speech in front of Congress, he defined what his priorities would be for his new term. Lula expressed his commitment to “respond to the hopes of a suffering people”.

Meanwhile, in a paragraph referring to the foreign policy of the new government, his first statement referred to the commitment of “revitalize Mercosur”.

The president of Brazil, Lula Da Silva during his tour of Brasilia by carCARL DE SOUZA – AFP

On the other hand, he affirmed before Congress what was announced as one of his government’s priorities: care for the environment; for which she appointed as minister whom she already held that position in her first government, Marina Silva. “Brazil should not deforest,” she said. And she added:Brazil is responsible for the Amazon”.

In short, after enumerating the “disasters” caused during the previous government, Lula promised: “Let’s rebuild Brazil”. In a message in which he charged against his predecessor, the new president said that Bolsonaro promotes barbarism. “People should know how we found the country,” he raised and accused: “They destroyed the State.”

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