with its new shirt, a club pays homage to the Scaloni Selection

Almirante Brown surprised with the design that he will use in the next season of the Primera Nacional.

In the next season of First National Argentine soccer, Admiral Brown will release a shirt that pays Tribute to the Argentine champions in the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The popular club of Isidro Casanova, in La Matanza, includes on the back, combined with his characteristic black and yellow canes, an Argentine flag and the new shield of the AFAwith three stars.

The announcement was made at the start of this 2023, turning the team into the first to pay tribute in this way to the Scaloneta

Two light blue canes and a white one in the middle stand out in the back of the jacketbelow the number and in combination with the traditional colors of the team.

Almirante Brown showed his new shirt, with homage to the Argentine National Team for the Qatar 2022 World Cup title. West Zone.

In addition, above the Argentine flag you can see the shield of the Argentine Football Association with the stars for the World Cups won in 1978, 1986 and 2020.

In addition, the new shirt -it transcended- adopts the motto of the Scaloneta in the last FIFA Cup. “All together for glory.”

In this way, it seeks to apply that philosophy of the Scaloneta facing a new season of the First National, in which this great of the promotion will seek fight for one of the two places in the highest category of Argentine soccer.

The fans, satisfied

The fans’ reactions came immediately on social networks, with full acceptance of the club’s decision to pay this tribute to the World Cup title that was won on December 18, 2022.

Although an exact date was not given, the official launch of the shirt -which has not yet been finished-. It will be done in these first days of 2023, as anticipated by the club’s president, Maximiliano Levy, and the club’s clothing manager, Pablo Loria.

At that time, probably, a doubt that arose among the fans of Mirasol, another of the nicknames that Almirante has, will be eliminated.

So far, only the back of the shirt has been displayed, and it is unknown if it will also have some kind of tribute to the Scaleneta, or some other reference to the World Cup, on the front.

Almirante has recently presented special designs for his shirt, although in those cases for a particular occasion, and not as permanent clothingas it happens now.

The retro design that Almirante made in January 2022, when it celebrated its 100th anniversary.

On July 23, 2022, the team played the classic against New Chicago (it was a 2-2 tie) with a shirt identical to the one he had worn in 1979, in a match against River Plate. It was a yellow design, with a black collar and cuffs, and the word “Brown” in a peculiar cursive typeface.

The club’s first team used it as part of the celebrations and tributes for the centenary of the Matanzas institution.

Earlier, in January of that same year, when it turned 100, Almirante put up for sale a retro version of the club’s historic jersey, which cost $5,200.

It was presented by the players from the squad who were doing the preseason at that time, after having achieved promotion from Metropolitan B to the First National, in which they will continue to compete in 2023.

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