“I haven’t seen him since 2015”

“I haven’t seen him since 2015”
“I haven’t seen him since 2015”

The comptroller of the Federal Intelligence Agency, Agustín Rossi, denied this Monday that there is a “military table” in the body he directs that would develop espionage tasks with the presence of men close to the retired lieutenant general Cesar Milani. And he affirmed that he has no relationship with the military chief “since 2015”.

Rossi responded in this way to a request for reports from legislators from Juntos por el Cambio revealed in a note published in Clarín in which they denounced that said “table” would work within the AFI with the presence of Milani’s advisers and a link with telephone companies. that would be prohibited by law.

The request for reports is signed by the representatives of Together for Change in that bicameral commission: deputies Cristian Ritondo, Miguel Ángel Bazze and senators Ignacio Agustín Torres, Daniel Ricardo Kroneberger and Alfredo Cornejo.

However, in the response to legislators from Together for Change Rossi admitted that two of the four former officials appointed by the opposition are working at the AFI.

Spokesmen for Together for Change reported that Rossi confirmed in his response that Roberto Adrián Román, former National Director of Military Strategic Intelligence is “the current Secretary of National Intelligence Planning”, a relevant position within the structure of the national intelligence community.

In addition, Rossi confirmed that a former member of the National Directorate of Military Strategic Intelligence with a surname of Spanish origin is “adviserfrom the AFI.

For opposition spokesmen, those two officials who come from the military area “They have ties to Milani.”

In addition, the spokespersons for Together for Change highlighted that in his response Rossi stated that Milani and Major Colonel (RE) Marcelo Granitto “from the records does not arise who belongs or has belonged to the organization as contracted, permanent staff or cabinet personnel”.

Those spokesmen wondered if then “does not have any informal or inorganic role” in the intelligence structure.

For that reason, JxC legislators are preparing another report request to ask if Milani and Granitto “entered the AFI offices, as well as those of the federal security forces and the Ministry of Security”. They want to know when and for what reasons would have entered official dependencies.

In these statements to Futurock radio, Rossi denied that Major Colonel Marcelo Granitto, Milani’s right-hand man, formally works at AFI. However, granite works in the Ministry of Defense.

Clarín reported last year that “the Secretariat for Strategy and Military Affairs has requested the incorporation of a Senior Official to provide services in a situation of retirement according to the terms of article No. 62 of Law No. 19,101 for Military Personnel, in said ministerial unit”.

The document adds that “the discharge is ordered, for a term of TWO (2) years in accordance with the provisions of subsection g. of article 5 of Resolution RESOL-2017-1267-APN-MD, Colonel (R) Marcelo Oscar Granitto”. Granitto came to that position at the request of Senator Oscar Parrilli, while Milani is in charge of the Defense courses at the Patria Institute.

“Point number one: It is not a complaint, it is a request for information. Point number two: it has already been answered,” added Rossi in his journalistic statements.

According to the explanation given by the official, what was requested by the opposition legislators has already been answered: “The note is made by the journalist with the request for information and does not take the response into account.”

“The answer was made last week. Before the end of the year, and before the second chats of (Buenos Aires Security Minister Marcelo) D’alessandro come to light.”

Before posting the note, Clarion called the AFI spokesman yesterday, as indicated by good journalistic practices, and the response was given on Twitter by the president of the Bicameral intelligence commission, Leopoldo Moreau, with a tirade against the journalist from La Nación Joaquín Morales Solá and the author of this note.

Rossi said that “the request for information was delivered to me two days before Christmas, and in the first business days after Christmas it was answered,” he dismissed the possibility that there is a “military roundtable” operating within the AFI.

“It is an absolute fallacy. It does not exist”sentenced the chief of spies.

“I am going to answer in general terms, because the Intelligence Law prevents me from (giving details). In general terms it is an absolute fallacy, there is no type of table. It is not within the purview of the AFI,” she stressed.

And he denied that there is any interference by Milani in the activity of the AFI. “I personally I haven’t seen Milani since the day he resigned as head of the Armyin May 2015,” said Rossi, who at the time was Defense Minister in the second government of Cristina Kirchner.

As this newspaper reported yesterday, Rossi had that year differences with Milani, who was head of the Army and in parallel head of the Arms Intelligence Directorate.

In line with the K story, the head of the AFI accused Clarion of “going out to attack” with the publication of this issue because “he is concerned about the fate of the Court”, whose judges are the target of another judicial offensive by the Government to benefit Cristina Kirchner. This newspaper only advanced on an informative point that Morales Solá had published on Saturday in The nation.

In the cited article, it was detailed that legislators from Together for Change wondered -in the note submitted to the bicameral Intelligence commission- if “an area operates whose purpose is to obtain and analyze information regarding active military personnel and/or withdrawn, and on what date it was created”.

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