Alberto explained why he requested Rosatti’s impeachment and said that he did not consult with Cristina

Alberto explained why he requested Rosatti’s impeachment and said that he did not consult with Cristina
Alberto explained why he requested Rosatti’s impeachment and said that he did not consult with Cristina

President Alberto Fernandez announced this Sunday his intention to ask for the impeachment of the head of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horace Rosatti, and also of the remaining members of the highest court, together with the support of the governors. “It’s something I’m convinced of,” she added in a later interview.

From Brazil – where he traveled to the assumption of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva-, Fernández referred to the letter that he published this Sunday, January 1, and gave details of why he made the decision to launch an offensive against the head of the Judiciary, especially after the adverse ruling in relation to the Buenos Aires co-participation.

For Fernández it will not be easy to move forward with the request because the ruling party does not have the votes to accuse the supreme judges. The request for Rosatti’s trial must be presented in the Chamber of Deputies and will then be analyzed by the Political Trial Commission, an organization headed by the legislator of the Front of All (FdT) Caroline Gaillard.

In the event that there is an opinion in favor of the request, for which the approval of more than half of the members of said commission is needed (there are 31 councilors that make it up), the prosecution requirement must be approved with at least two thirds of the deputies of the enclosure.

In an interview granted to C5NFernandez pointed out that He did not discuss the measure with Cristina Kirchner. “I did not consult her he affirmed, despite the fact that the vice president published a series of tweets with strong messages against the Judiciary during the afternoon. “It is something that I am convinced of, in which I absolutely believed,” added Fernández.

Alberto confirmed he spoke of the impeachment request for Rosatti.Capture

“For a long time I proposed that Justice be reviewed, but obviously it does not, and we have reached an extreme situation”, the president explained.

In that line, he drew a comparison with the highest Brazilian court. “Lula thanked the Supreme Court for having had the capacity to review the rulings themselves,” he said. And he added: “I hoped that Justice could do something similar”. He thus alluded to the annulment of the sentence against Lula in 2019.

Fernández also considered in his criticisms the repercussions of the alleged chats leaked between judges, businessmen, prosecutors and Buenos Aires officials to Lago Escondido, as a reason to sustain his attack against the leadership of the Argentine Justice. “We have seen very obscene things in full view of the public,” he said.

Although he said that he took the leaking of the chats “with caution”, he admitted that “perhaps they were obtained illegitimately”, but stressed that “they were never denied”. “No one said that this was a lie, that they did not travel, or that they were not paid for the trip. I find it worrying because we see judges and prosecutors, in an absolutely promiscuous bond with businessmen,” he said. And he added: “They all agree on a logic of stigmatizing a sector of politics, and ignoring the irregularities of others.”

In turn, Fernández made reference in that last point to the new leak of the supposed chats of the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro, with media entrepreneurs and Silvio Roblesright hand of Rosatti and a member of the Supreme Court. The Buenos Aires official denounced that these alleged exchanges are “false” and affirmed that he is a “victim” of an illegal espionage maneuver.

There are also possible chats that show “possible incompatible businesses between state concessionaires, with state officials, in this case from the city of Buenos Aires.”

On the other hand, Alberto Fernández spoke about the upcoming presidential elections, which will take place in the coming months, and called for internal unity. “In order to win we have to be united. And see how we settle our differences in a civilized and democratic way“, said. “We cannot allow the effort of these four years to be wasted so that the same ones who caused the problems we received come back,” she pointed out.


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