The United States seeks to supply military weapons to Argentina to counter Chinese influence in the region

Recently, a prominent group of experts from the United States Navy highlighted the importance of the country paying close attention to the South Atlantic due to the growing commercial, financial and investment influence of China in countries like Argentina, and also suggests a joint security cooperation investment with the UK, but especially overcoming an “outdated post-Falklands War UK security policy”

In this sense, the Falklands War left a legacy that goes beyond the mere study of long-distance strategy, tactics and logistics, since since 1982, the United Kingdom has been protecting the Falklands militarily at the same time that it has imposed a arms embargo on Argentina, which froze its army in the 1970s.

Hostility peaked in 2019 when Argentina planned to buy FA-50 jets from South Korea, but the deal was vetoed because these planes have UK-made parts.
Source: Merco Press.

However, from the US Navy they believe that this policy was appropriate during the Cold War, when the United Kingdom entered a recession and was forced to depend on both the United States and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to defend its South Atlantic territories, but is currently limiting military capabilities in the region.

In the late 1970s, Argentina had a formidable army, but defeat in the Falklands War led to a reduction in investment as well as a decline in the country’s defense capabilities. Despite the passing of the years, the United Kingdom continues to resist Argentina’s military modernization attempts, the opposition reached its peak in 2019 with the veto on the purchase of FA-50 aircraft from South Korea by Argentina, since these aircraft have UK-made Martin Baker ejection seats.

In line with this, it is stated that the resistance of the United Kingdom to modernization and the Argentine military advance pushed the South American country to look for a buyer like China. During 2021, Argentina engaged with China to evaluate Sino-Pakistani JF-17 fighters. That is why it is hoped that, with the help of the United States and the cooperation of the United Kingdom, there will be hope for Argentina in military matters. The North American country offered surplus Danish F16/A/B to Colombia and Argentina in 2020 and simultaneously is also negotiating with the United Kingdom to approve the sale.

The sale of this series of vintage F-16 A/Bs, from the 1980s with a modest modernization, will strengthen Argentina’s military capabilities, and likewise, the US relationship with Argentina may ensure a measure of prominence. renewed and a future generation of well-trained Argentine military aviators. For now, the report from the United States Naval Institute concludes that the North American country should manage to convince the United Kingdom that it is “time to reconsider its arms embargo with Argentina. Since a minor investment in a perceived tertiary theater can go a long way in closing the door of entry to China”.

Source: Merco Press.

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