The use of chinstrap in health institutions will be mandatory

The use of chinstrap in health institutions will be mandatory
The use of chinstrap in health institutions will be mandatory

Due to the epidemiological situation that currently prevails, characterized by the circulation of influenza viruses and the increase in the circulation of Covid-19the Ministry of Health de Entre Ríos issued the document COES 140, based on which it updates the recommendations for the prevention of acute respiratory infections in health establishments and for health personnel within the framework of the comprehensive strategy for the control of Covid-19.

From the document, the use of chinstrap surgery in health institutions in all patients and companions, to reduce exposure to respiratory viruses. Likewise, this measure reaches health personnel who are in contact with patients (regardless of their clinical picture) or who carry out tasks of direct assistance to patients with respiratory infections.

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At the same time, health personnel entering the hospitalization room must also wear a face mask. The use of N95 or higher level respirators is recommended for invasive procedures that may cause aerosolization (such as intubation, respiratory sampling or aspiration of secretions: swab, oropharyngeal/nasopharyngeal).

Covid-19 diagnosis

For its part, the document also contemplates prioritization criteria for the diagnosis of Covid-19 in people with respiratory disease who belong to the following groups: over 50 years of age and with risk conditions; people who reside, work or attend areas that, due to their own characteristics, present a greater risk of transmission or generation of outbreaks; health personnel; centers for institutionalized people, prison institutions; those who work or provide care to vulnerable people, and people with a travel history in the last 14 days in a region in which a variant of interest or concern that is not circulating in the country is circulating.

This prioritized population also includes people in need of hospitalization for acute respiratory infection, identifying moderate and severe cases; deceased without defined cause; unusual cases; on the occasion of outbreak investigation and control (prior consultation with the Surveillance and Control Departments).

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