Police Commander asks Calvo to “pacify Santa Cruz” to avoid crime and vandalism

Police Commander asks Calvo to “pacify Santa Cruz” to avoid crime and vandalism
Police Commander asks Calvo to “pacify Santa Cruz” to avoid crime and vandalism

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January 2, 2023, 2:15 PM

January 2, 2023, 2:15 PM

The police commander from Santa Cruz, Jhonny Chávez, asked the president of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee, Rómulo Calvo, “to work together to pacify Santa Cruz” and, In this way, avoid criminal acts and vandalism in the city.

“We are not going to make this scenario a moment of controversy; what we have to look for is the pacification of the population”, affirmed Chávez, who also assured that there are wounded in the ranks of the Verde Olivo institution.

Chávez and Calvo met this Monday at the Police Command facilities in the context of “a permanent mobilization” that demands the release of Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, detained since December 30 in the Chonchocoro prison.

The first authority of the department is indicted for the crime of alleged “terrorism” because he led the 21-day protest in 2019, after the OAS revealed that there was electoral fraud and for this reason, former President Evo Morales resigned. The Justice baptized the case as “coup d’état I”.

Since Camacho was arrested, social protests have broken out in Santa Cruz. The Cristo Redentor monument, which is a few meters from the Police Departmental Command, It was the main scene of violent clashes with the Police.

“The Police are going to wait for the situation to calm down; criminal acts may grow and under the pretext of this scenario, crime will grow. We are not going to be able to deal with that crimeacts of violence, robberies and thefts, and traffic acts,” Chávez said.

In the last four days, at least 10 state buildings, including the Santa Cruz Governor’s Office, have been attacked and set on fire. In addition, there are private houses and businesses damaged, and facilities of a branch of the state-run Banco Unión.

On Sunday night, a group of hooded men damaged the facilities and vehicles of the auto dealership Autosud, importer of the KIA brand.

Calvo demanded greater protection from the Police for public entities and assured that, in many cases, there were “self-attacks” promoted by MAS followers. The commander stated that these complaints should be investigated “in other instances.”

For its part, the Army sent several troops to protect public facilities and companies. Many of them, like the telephone company Entel, are under military control. There are also soldiers in the premises of the Departmental Court of Justice.

“We have learned that people with explosive devices, Molotov cocktails, with bazookas”, insisted the commander regarding the clashes in front of the Command facilities.

He stressed that the Police will not intervene in any mobilization or social protest if they are not exceeded.

Calvo affirmed that, now, vigils will be installed in State facilities to prevent “the resources of the people of Santa Cruz from going to centralism.”

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