The Diary of La Pampa

Nicolás Lovato, a 35-year-old who currently lives in the province of Entre Ríos, is looking for his biological mother in La Pampa.

As published in the Facebook group “La Humada Classifieds”the woman would be a native of that town based on the data she was able to collect.

Lovato said that he was born on May 11, 1987 in the Victorica hospital and, although he was not registered in any civil registry of La Pampa, what he does know is that his biological mother left the hospital – “we do not know for what reason” – He hands him over to the family that raises him and takes a bus to Santa Isabel.

Thanks to the data that he was able to collect in other public groups, he knows that that day at 7 in the morning the woman arrived at the Victorica hospital from the town of Santa Isabel for a transfer in order to perform an emergency caesarean section.

It was, as detailed, a young woman between approximately 20 and 25 years of age who gave birth to a boy. “This young woman was already the mother of a girl who today could be between 37 and 40 years old. This delivery was carried out by caesarean section and we know that this young woman came from Santa Isabel but that she was from the town of La Humada, she was a young woman with complexion white, stocky and tall build, short wavy hair”described.

“Please someone who can remember this girl who is now between 55 and 60 years old who has a daughter between 37 and 40 years old who is a native of La Humada,” he insisted.

In the publication, he remarked that “it is not intended to judge any type of situation.”

“We know that the solidarity of the people is the most effective method to reach a truth. We repeat that we do not want to prejudge any situation,” he closed his message.

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