They tendered a gas work for the Cipolletti Industrial Park

The municipality put out to tender the hiring of labor, equipment and the total supply of materials for the execution of the natural gas network in the Cipolletti Industrial Park. They announced that 19 companies will benefit from the service.

The work will be carried out in the sector between the streets: Domingo Savio, Téc. Const. Oscar G. Gasser, Saturnino Franco and Eng. Elisa Bachofen. The official budget is $12,000,000 with an execution period of 90 calendar days.

Starting in 2019, different companies in the city bought plots of land in the area of ​​the industrial park. The sale of the properties was carried out through purchase and sale agreements that specified that the properties had residential and public electricity infrastructure services, drinking water network, ditch cordon, remaining only to carry out the measurement plan and the gas network.

The director of the Industrial Park and Route Service, Alejandra Baruffi, indicated that “A total of 19 companies are ready to start construction from the facilities of their companies and settle in the area. Some are already in this process”.

He stated that “some are presenting plans to obtain work permits, others are in the construction stage and others are almost starting to start up,” which is very satisfying for the orderly growth of the park.”

The work

Two companies submitted their offers in the public tender. The Instalquen company quoted the works at $10,320,000 and Aguas Constructora SRL quoted them at $11,262,163.55.

The work to expand the natural gas network will be carried out in the industrial park sector, limited to the north by Domingo Savio street, to the west by 56-1 street, to the east by 66-1 street and to the south by Saturnino Franco street .

The works will be carried out with polyethylene pipes, made by the company that provides the natural gas distribution service, Camuzzi Gas del Sur SA The projected pipe to be installed, for the completion of the work, has an approximate length of 1170.00 linear meters .

Companies established in the sector

Among the items to be developed are: logistics base and warehouse for clothing and perfumery. Metallic carpentry and metallic derivatives. Mattress warehouse for wholesale and retail sale and distribution. Storage and logistics of cleaning products.

Wholesale distributor of beverages and food. Food products distributor. Craft brewing plant.

Factory of aluminum and PVC openings. Factory of pressure tools for the oil industry. Logistics, collection, classification and distribution of construction materials. Production of sanitary implements.

Furniture manufacturing plant and metallurgical services. Wood processor and production of by-products. Building construction, repair and maintenance service and other related services. Mechanical service for light and heavy vehicle fleet. Repair of industrial engines.

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