Cristina Kirchner prepares in Congress the new version of the “Peronist resistance”

Cristina Kirchner prepares in Congress the new version of the “Peronist resistance”
Cristina Kirchner prepares in Congress the new version of the “Peronist resistance”

The signs are in sight. Cristina Kirchner will make Congress, and not just the Senate, the stage from which she will lead a new version of the “Peronist resistance” for the new year and, above all, in the event that Peronism must once again serve as the main opposition to the next national government.

Although most Kirchnerists avoid defeatist speeches even in reserved conversations, in a few official offices of the Upper House they admit that the die seems cast and that in December of next year they will have to return to the opposition plain. With this idea, work has already begun on the sand table on the first floor of the Senate, where the office of the vice president is located in the legislative palace.

“I will never tell you in public, but only an economic miracle could save us from defeat. We work with that hypothesis.admitted an important legislative source in a chat with THE NATION in a Senate that in recent days looked almost deserted, in which only a handful of active offices could be seen, all of senators trusted by the vice president.

While most of the pro-government senators spend the holidays in their provinces, ultra-kirchnerism remains active. It’s Wednesday December 28th and Oscar Parrilli (Neuquén) meets in his office on the third floor with deputies such as Hugo Yasky and Carlos Heller. Juliana Di Tullio (Buenos Aires) and Mariano Recalde (Capital) are also in their offices.

Cristina Kirchner and Oscar Parrilli entering the Patria InstituteFile, Archive

It is that Cristina Kirchner’s troops do not rest. Not only do they calculate how Congress will look as of next year, they also plan for the immediate future. The idea is to resume the war against the Supreme Court in February, which will be questioned about any decision it makes, and choose carefully which path to follow in light of the requests for laws made by the government of Alberto Fernández in his last year. There is a Kirchnerist rudeness just around the corner waiting for the President, they are only waiting for the opportune moment to deal the blow.

The relationship with Fernández broke down again. The “pax romana” that could be seen after the head of state suffered health problems seems to have been permanently destroyed with the government’s retreat in the dispute over co-participating funds with the City of Buenos Aires.

It is not that there is empathy with the governors, whom Fernández snubbed with his regression, but that the radicalized position of disobeying the ruling of the Court left the first floor of the Senate. Not in vain the main spokesmen for him were the chaco Jorge Capitanich, who has been attending the office of the vice president periodically for several weeks; and the santiagueño Gerardo Zamorawhose wife, Claudia Ledesma, She is provisional president of the Upper House by decision of Cristina Kirchner.

For the moment, the takeoff of the government’s Kirchnerism will not affect Sergio Massa, with whom there is a political truce in forceeven when it is more because of the fear of a resounding economic failure than the political love that can unite the two referents and architects of the Frente de Todos.

In this sense, the role played by the president of the lower house, Cecilia Moreau, seems to show an oiled relationship between the Minister of Economy and the Vice President. The deputy has joined without hindrance the strategy of the vice president to paralyze the operation of the Council of the Magistracy.

The massista Cecilia Moreau, in the first row of the act of Cristina in Avellaneda
The massista Cecilia Moreau, in the first row of the act of Cristina in Avellaneda

However, the readings on this phenomenon are not univocal in Kirchnerism. In an office of the Upper House they maintain that Moreau stopped being a bishop that Massa made available to Cristina Kirchner as a bargaining chip so that her management in the Palace of Finance does not complicate her, but that she has been playing, for a while, her own party and that his political terminal, like that of his father, also deputy Leopoldo Moreau, is on the first floor of the Upper House, where he regularly attends to receive instructions from the vice president.

Moreau’s position It is not the only sign of the progress achieved by Cristina Kirchner in grouping the legislative troops behind their plays. There are many pro-government referents who see in the latest movements of the head of the pro-government bench of the Chamber of Deputies, the man from Santa Fe German Martinezan alignment with the radicalized positions of the vice president.

In this sense, they highlight How did Martinez’s behavior change? since he assumed the leadership of the block in replacement of maximum kirchner. Gone was the predisposition of the santafesino to dialogue with the opposition from his early days in office. His support for Moreau’s decision to challenge the Court by the Council of the Magistracy and the request for impeachment of the lower house of the macrista gerardo milmanwhom Cristina Kirchner took as the main objective of her theory that there was a political conspiracy with ramifications in the Pro behind the attempted attack of which she was a victim, seem to corroborate this theory.

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