This is the face of Bizarrap without glasses or cap

Do you remember the famous sessions in which Residente criticized J Balvin? Or in which the Puerto Rican singer Villana made fun of those who constantly talk about her? If that doesn’t ring a bell, you might recognize the piece of music that has everyone talking right now: the beef from Shakira to Gerard Piqué. All of them were made under the musical production of Gonzalo Conde, popularly known as Bizarrap.

With more than 64 million reproductions in Youtube in the first 24 hours, this Shakira’s last song became one of the most listened to on the platformand surpassed the previous record of “Despacito” -the theme performed by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi-, which had reached 25 million views in the same period.

Shakira and BZRP’s new hit

However, a large part of the essence of those pieces not only resided in those who sing them, but also in the producer and DJ who is behind them. Gonzalo Julián Conde, better known as Bizarrap, is a 24-year-old Argentine. that he had a great growth in the music scene thanks to his mixes and that he is partly responsible for those successes.

Gonzalo is the man behind the hits of the moment (Photo Instagram @bizarrap)

His popularity is so great that in 2021 he was nominated in various categories of the Latin Grammy, including best new artist, producer of the year, best urban fusion and best rap/hip hop song. Due to this, more and more people know his work and become big fans of the artist.

Even so, beyond his music, there are those who are captivated by his mysterious appearance. Part of the image of him as an artist are sunglasses and caps What do you use when giving your presentations? or record the sessions, which led many to wonder what is the actual appearance of the DJ without those accessories, since part of his face is covered.

The networks revealed the face of Bizarrap (Capture Twitter)
The networks revealed the face of Bizarrap (Capture Twitter)

But this was not always the case, since he adopted this look when fame was on his ankles, so Before he exposed his face. Thanks to some fans and users on the internet, the mystery about what their features are like has been solved on social networks with intense “research” of users.

Bizarrap with Wos and Louta (Capture Twitter)
Bizarrap with Wos and Louta (Capture Twitter)

With his face uncovered, several Twitter users shared images of the Argentine, thus revealing his appearance behind of the artistic character to end the great mystery that surrounded him.

Gonzalo is no longer shown without glasses and his cap (Capture Twitter)
Gonzalo is no longer shown without glasses and his cap (Capture Twitter)

It should be noted that these photos are not as new as they seem. Many were published between 2020 and 2021, but due to recent searches on the producer’s works, they became relevant again. In many of them, the musician appears with a cap, but with his eyes uncovered, so his face can be seen. Of course, these photos are not shared by the artist, since he keeps the “mystery”, but there is nothing in the world of the Internet that cannot be traced, as the users did with these images.


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