Sandro x Sandro: songs, loves and influences in 13 sentences thirteen years after his departure

This January 4, 2023 marks the 13th anniversary of Sandro’s death

On August 19, 1945, in the Sardá maternity hospital in the City of Buenos Aires, he was born. Roberto Sanchez and on January 4, 2010, he died at the Italian Hospital in Mendoza. Sandro, the legend. 64 years old and a unique journey to Argentine stardom propelled by dozens of records, almost twenty leading roles in the movies and forays on television.

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The life and work of the artist who grew up in the south of the Buenos Aires suburbs, fell in love with rock and made millions of women and men fall in love with his music & figure, has been widely recounted in biographies and documentaries. But even today, thirteen years after leaving this world due to septic shock as a corollary to a series of interventions required by a cardiopulmonary transplant, he continues to be impossible to grasp.

Reluctant to release definitions about his private life in public, every now and then he emerged from his mythical mansion-fortress in Banfield to sing in all kinds of theaters, open the door to new loves, give sporadic interviews or attend to any health issue. While his genius and influence continue to produce seeds that could germinate here or there, this anniversary is once again an ideal occasion to remember him through himself, in his own words, in thirteen sentences.

Sandro remembers the origin of his taste for music and tango

1) “They told me that I was born at an uncertain time, it is not known if it was August 18 or 19, but they wrote me down on the 19th… Although according to my mother I was born on the 18th. I was born in an incubator, I weighed two kilos 300, 400, it was a mouse! I live because I wanted to… I started to live! My mom had already had another child, dead. She had problems with her pregnancy and I was born weak. They didn’t give two pennies for me and here I am: they won’t be able to with me, what the hell! ”, She told her Pinkie about his birth in an interview conducted in the mid 90’s.

2) “Rock appeared as purely energetic music. We didn’t quite understand what was being sung, we didn’t have the slightest idea of ​​anything, nobody spoke English, it was pure energy (…). I heard the first rock in the cinema and I don’t know why I started jumping. Then I heard on the radio Brenda Lee singing ‘Dynamite’. I remember we were having lunch. I threw the cutlery up and right there I linked my old man’s first pineapple. I am very clear that until rock appeared, all the people dressed in grey, blue and brown. And that with rock came color,” he recalled. Sandro about how his love for rock was born. she told Victor Pintos for the book thong.

3) “I wanted to be a color film artist. He was absolutely sure. My first contact with a stage occurred when a pasta disc broke. It was at a school dance during a national holiday. We decided to put together a number where one of the guys from the bar dressed up as a woman imitating blacky and I -with a hat, painted sideburns and the sweater of the mother of a friend of mine- played Elvis, which was the best. Two or three were dancing rock & roll, I would go up on stage and mime, as we said before: the playback It’s with a tape. He sang ‘Prisoner of Rock’ and ‘Brokenhearted Hotel’. When we start with the latter, the one who is going to play the pasta album, he drops it. It fell apart, so I had to do it a cappella. As I knew it well, it turned out to be a phenomenon. And then I ended up dancing with the prettiest girls. So I thought, ‘Here’s the thing. We are not going to think a lot,’” he told the magazine in 1998. The Unrockuptibles about how he became an artist.

Sandro was born as Roberto Sánchez on August 19, 1945.
Sandro was born as Roberto Sánchez on August 19, 1945.

4) “Thanks to rock I left the streets, the knives and the chains and I grabbed a guitar. I left the leather jacket and the gangs. Rock saved me. He saved me from being, perhaps, a delinquent. (…) At that time I lived in Valentin Alsina, a poor neighborhood that at a certain time would get angry. There were jackets and knives that were a copy of the models that the cinema presented to us with Marlon BrandoJames Dean, Salt Mineo. the movies were Rebel without a cause, Savage Y evil seedwhere the first rock appeared, we didn’t have teachers, the only one was that music”, he revealed about his early influences.

5) “I put on Sandro because Roberto Sanchez it didn’t fit with rock. Can you imagine a Galician last name with rock & roll? Obviously not. I named myself Sandro because my mom had wanted to name me like that when I was born. And because he was a short, punchy name, he stuck,” she said of his iconic alter ego in the book. thong.

6) “I left rock because I found that I had achieved a goal. I felt that rock had to be related to youth. And when you get older, you want to say other kinds of things that rock doesn’t allow you to. Perhaps, if slow rock had been used, I would have dedicated myself to singing it. Something more related to ballads”, he told in the mid-90s about the musical transformation that made him a popular artist.

“I wanted to be a color film artist
“I wanted to be a color film artist,” Sandro said of his life’s wish

7) “It is not a song that I like the most. I really like ‘Penumbras’, ‘Así’…”, he said on a television program in Venezuela in 1982 when he was asked about “Rosa… Rosa”, one of his greatest hits even today: on the platforms of streaming most popular is among the idol’s top five most streamed. “’Rosa… Rosa’ is the comparison between the woman and the flower. We know that roses have thorns. That is to say, those things that we want a lot in life, we find it difficult to achieve. If you want a rose in your hand, you have to risk it pricking you, hurting you… From there, somewhat ironically, I wrote this song”, he told on that same occasion about this song he composed with your historic creative partner oscar anderle.

8) In an interview published in the Spanish magazine Antenna in 1973, the journalist pointed to Sandro that his lyrics were not nourished by the “day-to-day problems of the couple, such as economic ones”, implying an apparent social detachment. “You’re wrong, because I have songs that talk about poor people, like ‘I propose to you’, where a boy promises a girl absolutely nothing, just a flower, and she has her chance of happiness,” the artist replied, exemplifying with that song that was part of the soundtrack of the film Young guy, which he starred in. “I don’t believe in the singer who protests, I prefer the testimonial. The difference is that the guy who is protesting, in a way, wants the solution to be thrown at him. Also, which singer solved the world’s problems?” she mused.

9) “Almost all of my loves were a source of inspiration, let’s see: spectacular brunette, long black hair, sea-green eyes and a juicy red mouth… Corridor of a canal, upright piano and looking at her, ‘Penumbras’ was born”, revealed Sandro in 2003 about another of his great classics. The muse of this song would have been Yoli Scuffimodel that had won the contest miss argentina in 1959 and fell in love with the idol. “She was a minon, I looked like a penguin next to her: skinny, black and picudo. And well, the girl, black hair, green cat eyes, she really was beautiful ”, she recounted about the woman who also appears on the album cover A girl and a guitar.

The day Sandro sang with Pappo and Riff on his television show

10) On August 2, 1990, he debuted as a host with the television program Dear Sandro. It was broadcast on Thursdays at 9 pm on Channel 13. It had an average of 16 points -not too much for the time- but it won a Martín Fierro in the best musical show category. Riff, Leonardo Favio Y Sergio Denis They were some of the colleagues with whom he appeared in the cycle. “For me it would have been easy to go off singing my best-known songs for an hour. But I wanted something else. For me the cycle was fucking great: good production, good scenery, well-cared artists. I do not regret. It is true that it was more or less rating. I think it was a bit ahead of its time, ”he considered about this project.

11) “Sometimes I think you have to know how to stop. I am the producer, the author and the interpreter of Sandro. When there are mistakes I feel like I have to review everything. You cannot always be on the crest of the wave… And you have to be clear about what you are looking for. At times I have an idea to develop, but finding the exact form may take me years. My career is so long that sometimes I say: ‘Okay, let’s start again.’ I have a very good livelihood which at the same time is my hobby. But it’s a trap, because I have fun but at the same time it’s my job. When Mr. Sandro goes on stage, there are thirty people behind me who depend on me. And I depend on them, ”he told the journalist Mariano Del Mazo in the mid-90s for the book Sandro. the eternal fire.

12) “God allowed me and I decided to live to be able to enjoy this wonderful thing that is happening to me, of having found a woman with whom we get along wonderfully. A woman who contains me in a spectacular way. One of the few women who have understood me best in my entire life, ”she said in 2006 about Olga Garaventa, his last partner. It was during one of his last interviews, broadcast by Crónica. “She understands and is very clear about what the idol is. Sandroso to speak, and Mr. Roberto Sanchez, of the different situations and pressures that he has to live. Sometimes Sandro puts tremendous pressure on me. And where do I download them? At home. And the poor saint has to listen. But she is there, she listens, she contains me, she calms me down. And then he went from being that roaring old lion, to a kitten, a pussycat,” she recounted the dynamic between them.

In 2006 Sandro talked about his relationship with Olga Garaventa

13) “I am civilly single. Sandro He is single and belongs to ‘my girls’. The Lord Roberto Sanchez He has his private life, which is a phenomenon ”, he patented about his eternal marital status.

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