Pee Wee clarified his sexual orientation after rumors about an alleged affair with his manager

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Pee Wee He has been one of the most charismatic singers in the music industry for some years, however, he was recently embroiled in controversy after a famous magazine pointed out that he wasThe singer was allegedly married to his manager since a long time.

What happened to Pee Wee’s artistic career after the Kumbia Kings

The cumbia and pop singer became a sensation among adolescent audiences with songs like “Chiquilla”, “Na na na (dulce niña)” and “Sabes a Chocolate”, one of his first hits.

Given this, the representative of the famous came out to deny the facts and, on this occasion, the former member of the kumbia kings He clarified his sexual orientation once and for all.

“(For me) it means a lot of laughter, honestly I’ve been since Tuesday that it was released, you don’t know how I laughed with my mom, with my brothers, who really know me and know… I am already 34 years old and you know all the women who have been part of my life, I find it very funny,” he said during a meeting with the media.


Horacio Villalobos’s explosive reaction against the magazine that criticized the relationship between Pee Wee and his manager

The drivers pointed out that whether or not he comes out of the closet “has to be respected”

In the same way, the interpreter delved into the fact that he will soon take legal action against the magazine that disclosed said information, since this type of note towards him did not seem appropriate.

“We are certainly going to (sue), I think that what these magazines suddenly publish is unfair, the relationship that I have always had with you (the media) is one of great affection or respect and those who know me, like all of you who have known my career since I was 13 years old, know which are totally false notes”, he remarked.

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In addition to pointing out that he is heterosexual, Pee Wee pointed out that he has always been very careful with his private life, so he has not felt the need to publicly boast of the partners he has had.

“The fact that I do not say all the girlfriends that I have had in these … I say I have not been dating for 34 years, but easy since I was 14, yes, imagine since school I loved to walk as a boyfriend with the girls from the school”, he stated and added:

“Yes it makes me laugh a lot, yes we are going to act legally and in these 20 years of career you know that when you start to have some kind of success again, you start to be in the eye of the hurricane there are people who do not like it ( …) but there is a beautiful God who sees everything, justice is going to be done yes or yes”.

In addition to being an artistic representative, Pepe Rincón is a lawyer, so he will not hesitate to denounce the magazine (Photo: Instagram)
In addition to being an artistic representative, Pepe Rincón is a lawyer, so he will not hesitate to denounce the magazine (Photo: Instagram)

The singer did not leave the opportunity to thank the LGBT+ community for all the messages of support he received after the publication of the magazine.

“I am aware that I have an audience from the gay community and I will always love them all. I really appreciate the support,” he said.

Magazine TVNotes public A few days ago he allegedly had access to a source close to the 33-year-old singer, who said that both men had a secret relationship for five yearsso as not to “damage” the career of the singer of You taste like chocolate.

The note claimed that “Since Pee Wee’s career has been managed away from scandals, and they have always put him as ‘The beautiful boy of music’, they knew that it was not prudent for their relationship to come to light, so they moved to McAllen, Texas”.


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