you will have to fill out a form to limit increases

you will have to fill out a form to limit increases
you will have to fill out a form to limit increases

Until next January 20 there is time to fill out a form and prevent the increase in the fee of the prepaid medicine be the maximum of 8.21%. If the person proves lower income, they may receive an increase so that the increase is only 4.91% in February. Otherwise, the adjustment will be 8.21%.

For this, the affiliated with private medicine they must inform the Superintendence of Health Services if they earn less than six minimum wages ($371,718).

It is a “affidavit of income” that will be done online. It takes into account the net income of November 2022 and must be registered by “the owner user”, according to sources from the Superintendence, who also announced that the respective Resolution will be published in the coming days in the Official Gazette.

the procedure should be done every month since the differentiated increase in the value of the quotas that the Government set is monthly and the variation in the income of affiliates and the evolution of the minimum vital and mobile wage (SMVM) can also have monthly changes.

online form

The form is already online on the website of the Superintendence of Health ( or To access it you must have tax code level 3 or higher and adhere to the service on the AFIP site.

Once on the page of the Superintendence, the affiliate must click on the access to “Affidavit for Prepaid Users”. Among other information, you must “confirm” the boxes that say: “I declare that I have a net income of less than 6 SMVM” and, then, “I authorize the SSSalud to validate the data entered with other organizations.”

Prepaid: to have a lower increase in fees, you will have to fill out a form every month

The measure covers the voluntary affiliates and to those who derive their mandatory contributions through the social work system, according to the newspaper Clarín.

The prepaid already began to inform about the measure

The prepaid already began to inform their partners of the need for registration. “To access this adjustment (of 4.91%) you must report as an Affidavit and on a monthly basis the net income of the contracting parties of the previous month, through the website that will be enabled by the Superintendence of Health Services “. And they add: “The sworn statement, for the purposes of applying the aforementioned adjustment, must be real and truthful, resulting in any omission or causal inaccuracy sufficient to initiate the legal actions that may correspond.”

In other cases, the member is specified that “the lack of veracity in the sworn declarationwill be considered in the terms of Art. 9 of Law 26,682 as a cause for termination of the contract, in addition to the legal actions that may correspond to the Obra Social for the damages and losses that such conduct causes.

there will be cupload the form before January 20 so that the prepaid have enough time to invoice with the corresponding increase percentages. For those who do not carry out the procedure, the increase of 8.21% will be applied.

SSSalud sources point out that neither that organization nor the prepaid have information about affiliate income Therefore, it was resolved that this information falls on the affiliate in the terms of an affidavit.

The form must be completed before January 20 so that the increase is only 4.91% in February. Otherwise, the adjustment will be 8.21%

How is the new prepaid adjustment index

After the already scheduled rise of 6.9% in January, on February 1 the new monthly index of increase in private medicine quotas. It will be 4.91% or 8.21%, depending on the net income of the holders.

For those who perceive inet income less than 6 minimum wages -today $371,718. the quota will be adjusted by 4.91%, equivalent to 90% of the variation in formal wages according to the RIPTE (Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers) of the immediately previous month published (October, which showed 5.45%). For those who receive more than 6 SMVM, the value of the fee increases by 8.21%, according to the variation of the Health Costs Index. In this way, the fees will not vary equally for all affiliates, but will have a segmentation.

This dividing line when setting the increases in fees – which go from bimonthly to monthly – was established at the beginning of November by decree 743/2022, after criticism from Cristina Kirchner to the increase of 13.8% that arose from the Cost Index for the month of December. Then, on the one hand, that 13.8% was doubled, to 6.9% in December and another 6.9% in January, and the new criteria for increasing quotas “for a period of 18 months” was established.

For their part, prepaid medical entities and obras sociales must increase the values ​​of medical-care benefits provided to the beneficiaries of the prepaid and social works by the clinics, sanatoriums and professionals in at least 90% of the percentage increase in their income according to the fees received.

With this increase, a medium family plan of a married couple with 2 minor children could be between $70,000 and $90,000 per month. And month by month they will vary differently, depending on whether or not they exceed 6 SMVMs.

It is estimated that the sector (the sum of prepaid plus Management Personnel Social Works) has 6 million beneficiaries (owner and family group) of which 20% are volunteers or “directly pure” and the rest correspond to workers who derive their contributions to a social work that has an agreement with the prepaid.

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