Pagno, Dean of Medicine: “Doctors are not valued and the number of entrants decreases”

Pagno, Dean of Medicine: “Doctors are not valued and the number of entrants decreases”
Pagno, Dean of Medicine: “Doctors are not valued and the number of entrants decreases”

Mario Germán Pagno took office in May as dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of the Northeast (Unne). He had to replace Omar Larroza, current rector of Unne, and closed these first months of management with an analysis. He regretted that “health workers have not been valued during the pandemic, from a professional or economic point of view” and warned that “this affects the interest of young people in studying Medicine.” The race had a decrease in the number of its entrants.

This year the entrants to Medicine totaled 1184, 590 in Nursing and 693 in Kinesiology. In 2022 there were 3,312 between the three careers, and in 2021, 2,444. “The mistreatment that health workers have suffered in the pandemic worldwide is very evident. Many colleagues have left the profession due to low appreciation. Young people see all this and evaluate other options, but it is a global reality,” the dean told El Litoral.

“A lot of people have withdrawn. In addition, there is a decrease in the number of residents and it is something that is worrying, ”she added.

On one of the objectives of his management: to modify the way of evaluating the residents. Pagno explained: “We are working on a new way of evaluating residents, offering them, from the Faculty, the possibility of using the clinical simulation cabinet in some specialties such as clinics, intensive care, cardiology, anesthesiology, they can use the dolls to evaluate some kind of practice.

“The problem of medical residency is national and global. The graduate chooses another type of training and not the service, which would be the best way of training. We have participated in the creation of the new medical residency law, the current one has been in force since 1976 and perhaps some things have to be changed”.


Regarding his first months as dean, Pagno explained: “I found an orderly Faculty. We had to complete the accreditation of the degree before the Coneau (University Accreditation and Evaluation Commission). We continue with the diplomas, we reinforce the university extension and full face-to-face ”. “Today it is difficult to assess whether non-attendance affected the quality of education. But it did affect the interpersonal relationship. Of course, not having a relationship with the patient also has an impact ”, he said when asked about the consequences of the pandemic at the Faculty. “There are psychological disorders. Students and teachers who in two years have not been in contact with real patients. And we also detected consumption problems in students and some suicide attempts. Everything is taken care of in the psychological cabinet. There was a lot of fear of uncertainty, ”he stressed.

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