The fury of Flavio Mendoza after being denounced in networks for a photo with his son

Flavio Mendoza showed his fury because in the last hours he they closed their instagram account after receiving complaints for a photo with his son. “Does it suck that he’s a gay man who managed to be a father and has a successful career? One more fight that they are not going to win,” he said on his Twitter profile.

As he explained in his defense, a person uploaded a postcard of him with Dionisio “from a horrible angle, taken out of context” and with “malicious” intentions. The image went so viral that it reached the son of Jair Bolsonaro -former president of Brazil- who launched a reprehensible phrase with which he judged to the choreographer.

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The release of Flavio Mendoza for the viralization of his photo with Dionisio

Users of social networks have in their hands the power to distort situations and make them go viral. The truth is that you are situations harm their protagonists, as happened to Flavio. “I don’t understand why there are people behind a keyboard doing damage. How miserable are their lives?”, he wrote on the social network Twitter.

Flavio Mendoza made his statement on Twitter and on his new Instagram profile, after the viralization of a photo with Dionisio taken out of context. (Photo: Capture Twitter / flaviomendoza).

In his words, he mentioned that “someone” released a screenshot of a video in which he is seen together with Dionisio. “It’s an angle taken out of context,” he launched furiously. “They blocked my Instagram, they messed with a child and with my image. Does it bother you that I’m happy?”, Mendoza reproached.

In addition, the artistic producer asked that they denounce “anyone behind this” and all publications that appear with that postcard. And he questioned: “It sucks being a gay man so much, that he could be a father and have a successful career? It seems so… One more fight that they are not going to win.”

What Jair Bolsonaro’s son said about the photo of Flavio Mendoza that was released

eduardo bolsonaroson of former president of Brazil, wrote an unfiltered opinion on his Twitter account and echoed Flavio Mendoza’s postcard with his son. In his reprehensible message, he launched: “In one image, the summary of the decadence of the West”.

The reprehensible tweet of Eduardo, the son of the former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. (Photo: Capture Twitter).

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The deputy caused many users, who were unaware of the situation, to join his comment and leave hate speech against the choreographer. However, there were those who came out to clarify the panorama and explain the malicious intent behind the photograph.

Charlie Kirk, a conservative commentator in the United States, put the scene in context after watching the full video from which the capture originated. “The boy was nervous speaking in front of a crowd and would not let go of the man’s leg, so the microphone went down to his face,” he tried to explain to stop unnecessary comments.

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