Paula Chaves on her friendship with Zaira Nara after whitewashing the affair with her ex, Facundo Pieres: We’ll see how…

“I love Zaira, she is my friend. We will see how we are adjusting as the days go by, merging this that is new”added by way of explanation about how he will shape his friendship with Zaira Nara now that she is in a relationship with her ex, the polo player Facundo PieresIn view of all.

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Paula Chaves spoke again about the new romance of her best friend, Zaira Nara, with her ex Facundo Pieres.

meanwhile, when brito angel and her little angels wanted to know if her best friend’s affair with an old boyfriend of hers bothered her, Paula Chavez he ruled out any anger. “No, not really because it happened (the relationship with Pieres) many years ago”she assured though visibly uncomfortable.

“One day you’re going to meet your new partner, who was your partner, how is that going to be?”slipped spicy the driver of THE M. But Paulavery correct, he did not get out of his speech with a “That’s why I tell you that we are going to see how we adjust to this situation. Pedro is the best, he is capable of anything. He is very calm, luckily”.

Zaira Nara, girlfriend with Paula Chaves’s ex: The reason for the distance between the two?

Although since last March the versions of some kind of rapprochement between Zaira Nara and the wealthy polo player Facundo Piereswhen the model’s marriage was already dying, just last week they made the engagement official at an exclusive event in Punta del Este.

It was so that from those first rumors at the beginning of 2022, curiously the friendship of the youngest of the Nara with Paula Chavez cooled to such an extent that they try to avoid each other to this day. Y Facundo Pieres It is the reason for the fight between the two.

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Paula Chaves had a brief romance with the polo player Facundo Pieres back in 2009.

It happens that the polo player was a couple of chaves back in 2009 and for some time and, although it is a very closed story, the current woman of Pedro Alfonso she would have taken as a kind of betrayal on the part of her friend that she dared to start a relationship with an ex-boyfriend of hers.

The months passed Zaira Nara he tried a family recomposition with the father of his children that did not work, so his new love story was already taking place since that meeting with Pieres during the summer. He coincidentally coincides with the breakup of the polo player with his wife, Augustine Wernickein December 2021 after 8 years of marriage and 2 children.

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Zaira Nara and Facundo Pieres were publicly shown together for the first time last week at an exclusive event in Punta del Este. 

Zaira Nara and Facundo Pieres were publicly shown together for the first time last week at an exclusive event in Punta del Este.

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