It became known why Rodrigo De Paul did not go to visit his children as soon as he returned from the World Cup in Qatar

A judicial extract was leaked in which the footballer recounted the situation that caused the scandal with Camila Homs, his ex.

The scandalous fight Come in Rodrigo DePaul Y camila homs for the complaint of “threats and harassment” that the soccer player made to his ex-wife continues to be the subject of debate in the media.

It is that after the viralization of a controversial audio by Horacio Homs, the player’s ex-son-in-law, now in Socios del espectaculo (El Trece, at 11) they showed a fragment of the demand that the midfielder made to the mother of his children.

It is a part with exclusive information on the day that the figure of the Argentine National Team arrived in the country after the Qatar World Cup and went to see his girlfriend, Tini Stoessel, before Francesca and Bautista, the children he had with Camila.

“I have come to denounce Mrs. Camila Nicole Homs for the facts that I will explain below… Together with We were a couple with the accused and we are the parents of two children. three and one year”, begins the lawsuit filed by the player.

The emotional reunion between Rodrigo De Paul and Tini Stoessel.

And he continues: “The day I arrived in Argentina after the World Cup ended, the caravan began whose outcome does not need to be explained and of which I obviously participated”.

“It was exhausting, notwithstanding which I decided to go see my children. Now it turns out that it was almost impossible to get to Puerto Madero, where the children resideand calculating the time it took me to get to his home, it turned out that I was going to spend no more than an hour with the children, which I was sure it was going to be hard for them“De Paul specified in that document.

Camila Homs’s gesture when she found out that De Paul had gone to see his girlfriend before his children.

“I didn’t want her to stay crying because of the insufficiency of my visit. Therefore, I decided and agreed with his mother that I would see them the next daywhich happened like this and I stayed with them all afternoon, while on the day of my arrival I went at night to meet my current partner, Martina Stoessel“, can be read in another paragraph of the complaint.

“This obviously provoked the fury of the defendant, who made a series of threats via WhatsAppwhich he contributed in this act as a documentary annex…”, added Rodrigo.

The threatening messages of Camila Homs

Rodrigo De Paul’s complaint against his ex-wife stems from the scandalous messages that she sent to him after he went to greet Tini Stoessel before his children after his arrival in Argentina.

“I already told you, don’t cross me (by Tini) and that does not cross with my children. Nothing more. You still don’t know me. I swear you don’t know me and you don’t know the people around me eitherso close the ortho well”, was one of the messages that the midfielder presented in court as proof of his ex’s threats.

Rodrigo De Paul and Tini Stoessel, happy and in love, but with a legal scandal. Photo: Instagram

Rodrigo De Paul and Tini Stoessel, happy and in love, but with a legal scandal. Photo: Instagram

“I I’m going to make sure that the whole world knows you for how shitty you are more than for being world champion. You will not have peace”, were other strong words from Homs.

Meanwhile, another of the captures that he included in the complaint said: “You deserve the worst, you and the … (insults Tini) of your girlfriend who turned to half the world and half of more than one of the singers. I’m not going to cross you, so I don’t know how you’re going to see your children“.


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