Covid 19: cases rose almost 20% after the holidays

Covid 19: cases rose almost 20% after the holidays
Covid 19: cases rose almost 20% after the holidays

The Ministry of Health reported this Monday that in the last seven days they detected 72,558 new coronavirus infections, what it represented an increase of 17.2% compared to the last week. Positive cases increased 167.6% in December

Deaths from the disease also went upgiven that this Monday they were informed 47 deaths from Covid-19 in seven days, three more than the previous week. In this sense, the death toll is the highest since the first week of September.

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According to the weekly report, they are already 9,963,697 confirmed cases Y 130,171 fatalities in Argentina since the beginning of the pandemic.

Although with the modification of the report, which went from daily to weekly, The number of tests carried out is no longer reportedthe changes in the criteria indicate that the number of swabs remains low, despite the increase in cases a few weeks ago.

How many intensive care beds are occupied with coronavirus patients

Patients who remain hospitalized with COVID-19 in the different units of intensive care (UTI) of the country are 402, which represented a drop of 2.19% compared to the 411 registered a week before. Thus broke the streak of seven consecutive weeks on the rise. This is the highest number of boarding schools since the end of August.

Sanitary report from the Ministry of Health (Graphic: Internet capture/Ministry of Health)

So, the occupation of intensive care beds was located this week in the 40.7%.

How is the vaccination against Covid-19 progressing?

According to official data, as of this Sunday, 112,541,638 doses of vaccines were applied against the coronavirus, distributed as follows:

  • Vaccinated with scheme initiated: 41,083,265 people.
  • Vaccinated with scheme complete: 37,941,933 people.

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  • Vaccinated with doses additional: 3,164,620 people.
  • Vaccinated with the first dose of reinforcement: 22,109,112 people.
  • Vaccinated with second dose of reinforcement: 7,122,434 people.
  • Vaccinated with third dose of reinforcement: 1,114,593 people.

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