The health emergency governs the entire country after the rise in coronavirus infections

The health emergency governs the entire country after the rise in coronavirus infections
The health emergency governs the entire country after the rise in coronavirus infections

Due to the increase in cases of coronavirusthe Ministry of Health of the Nation made official this Friday the extension of the health emergency across the countrywhich will be in force until December 31, 2023.

Through Decree 863, the portfolio that directs Carla Vizzotti will again apply a special registration and/or certification mechanism in the recruitment of medical personnel together with the reallocation of budget items with the purpose of objective of “strengthening the health infrastructure at different points through the installation and operation of field or modular hospitals”.

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Article No. 2 of the regulations published in the Official Gazette reads: “The Ministry of Health is empowered as Enforcement Authority, and within the framework of the public emergency in health matters declared by Law 27,541.”

Carla Vizzotti, Minister of Health

The measure is given within the framework of an increase in positive cases of coronavirus throughout the Argentine territory, added to the increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases as a result of the change in eating habits, weight gain due to quarantine and a significant reduction of physical activity for the same reason.

In addition there was a drop close to 50% in outpatient care and the cancellation of around 60% of medical practices.

The Ministry of Health added in the resolution: “Despite the fact that a high level of acquired population immunity against SARS CoV-2 has been reached, related to a combination of high incidence of infections in successive waves of infections and very high coverage of vaccination, there is once again a high circulation of SARS CoV-2 and other respiratory viruses”.

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The extension of the health emergency establishes the exceptional authorization to implement general preventive measures, as well as exceptions to preventive and mandatory social isolation and multiple conditions to exempt activities, depending on the epidemiological situation of each province and municipality in particular.

The health emergency, point by point

The health portfolio, until December 2023, will have the power to apply four guidelines in the instance of hiring and/or certification of personnel:

1) “Establish a system of enrollment and/or provisional specialty certification for those who do not have their degree process completed, revalidation of title or undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate certification in health sciences, prior intervention of the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and with certification of competences in charge of the care establishments that require them”;

2) “Hire retired or retired health personnel, temporarily exempting them from the regime of incompatibilities in force for the National Public Administration”;

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3) “Authorize, exceptionally and temporarily, the hiring and practice of health professionals and technicians, graduates abroad whose title is not revalidated or authorized in the Argentine Republic”,

4) Authorize the installation and operation of field or modular hospitals even without having the prior administrative requirements and authorizations.


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