Say those words of love to me…

When asked by Gustavo Barefoot about the post that the soccer player dedicated to him, he assured “I was here in Punta, maybe it was another woman who was accompanying him,” joked.

And then he was honest: “It was nice, saying those words of love are always very nice, well received, later time will tell, let’s see, let’s go slowly,” said.

So, with these statements, Wanda She left open the possibility that her return to Istanbul would reunite her with the love of Mauro, and give each other a new opportunity, once again.

Mauro Icardi’s message dedicated to Wanda Nara to receive the new year

anna rosenfeld spoke a few days ago in the cycle LAM, America TVand caused surprise by leaving open the possibility of a reconciliation between Wanda Nara Y Mauro Icardi.

The truth is that on January 1, 2023, the footballer of the Galatasaray shared an emotional post on Instagram with an image of Wanda and their five children.

“Thank you 2022 for the good things and such beautiful moments lived. Thank you also for every moment when things did not go as well or as I wanted because it was when I became stronger, because it was when I trusted myself the most, because every second was learning to be better in this new year”, said about the past year.

And focused on what is to come, the striker expressed: “Dear 2023, I receive you with the most beautiful thing I have in my life, my family. With a beautiful woman by my side and 5 beautiful children. I wish that life continues to give us Health, Love, Peace, Happiness and many successes. Happy 2023 for everyone. Chin @wanda_nara”.

For his part, on his Instagram account, Wanda Nara posted from Punta del Este, Uruguay: “Happy 2023 to all, we wish you all the most beautiful… ending the year with the most beautiful of my life.”

Are they back together after the scandal?


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