Children’s book in Majorca | Lita, the sailor dog

Children’s book in Majorca | Lita, the sailor dog
Children’s book in Majorca | Lita, the sailor dog

Noemi Garcia (Badalona, ​​1975) is the author of Lita, the sailor doga book inspired by his dog ‘Lita’ whom found abandoned in a polygon in Palmaand based on her professional experience at sea, since Noemí worked on the yacht for years Trinity IIIowned by the Marquis of Mondéjar, and on the Baleària company ship Federico Garcia Lorca. During the confinement, and in the middle of the pandemic, Noemí García developed her other passion, writing, which she inherited from her mother to whom she wants to pay this little tribute. She is currently an administrator, but she worked a few years ago as a sailor, plowing the waters of the Balearic Islands, hence her experience when writing this book, seen through the eyes of an intrepid dog. «When we went for a walk along the Passeig Marítim, on a large old sailboat there was a dog barking at all of us who passed in front of her, but when she saw my dog ​​she would come down from the sailboat along the gangway to greet her. That inspired me in the story.” A children’s book which is about a dog adopted in a shelter by a family that lives and works in an old wooden sailboat, which is rented for excursions around the Islands. ‘Lita’ will experience many adventures on board.

a life on a boat

As a child, Noemí, who lived with her family in Badalona, ​​traveled a lot by boat because “my parents separated and my father came to live in Palma, so my sister and I used to travel frequently by boat from Barcelona to Majorca to view. Later my parents reconciled and we came to live in Palma, but we traveled back to Barcelona by boat to see the family». After completing her Vocational Training studies at CIDE, she began working as an administrator, but what she wanted was to navigateso he took some courses at the Comprehensive Nautical-Fishing Vocational Training Center in Palma and his first job was on the yacht Trinity III-former Fortune used by the Spanish Royal Family–, and belonging to Iñigo Cotoner, Marquis of Mondéjar. «My experience as a sailor comes from this yacht. I have quite a few anecdotes like when the singer Francisco came to the Club de Mar, to buy the boat next door».

In her time at Baleària, Noemí he crossed paths with several famous faces as “the day they came aboard Isabella Gemio and her boyfriend Nilo Manrique. One day, a lady told me that she hoped that her son had the tickets. To my surprise it was the singer Manolo Garciaof the last on the line. A super simple and humble family, one of the most grateful celebrities I have ever met. Twenty years ago, Noemí already had some success, among friends and acquaintances, writing erotic stories, but never got to publish them. Nevertheless Lita, the sailor dogwith Illustrations by Cristina Herranz, will go on sale at the end of this month. ‘Lita’ is a Maltese bichon dog, “she is very affectionate and somewhat fearful, she does not like large dogs, the wind, or noise. Now she is the queen of my house. She is the spoiled one. I love her very much and she has been a great support in my bad moments. She gives me unconditional love ».

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